Lead Generation. Social Media & Your Website

I see many brands/businesses/etc. really missing the boat at times with their lead generation offers on social media and not tying into their website UX. Here is just an example from my own agency’s website.

Looking at the website analytics for the year, these were the top-5 visited pages totaling just over 20,000 visits for the year on these five pages alone. We had 80,000 and some change visit our site in 2022. Two are Lead Gen Pages & the other three are (obviously) How We Do It, What We Do & Who We Are.

Lead Gen is so important to get more visitors to your website guiding them along the way with optimized navigation. That’s why I changed our navigation verbiage earlier this year to what it is now instead of the typical, Services, Contact, etc.

I have truly seen an increase in website traffic & the pages I want visitors to go to instead of just randomly scrolling through the site not knowing what to do. Easy UX means better potential for leads and new clients!


Hey @EddieGarrison - I agree that the UX is super important. The natural language that your potential customers use needs to match your site text. And congrats on those numbers :slight_smile:

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I love the name of your first lead magnet there. How are they performing for you?

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Thank you, Amanda!

Each of the four lead gens we have been using were mainly focused on building an email list. We tracked them all of 2022 and added 790 new email subscribers from those three. That’s around 66 new emails per month.

Now, did they all turn into customers? Of course not. However, we did generate revenue from many of those new email contacts. Not all were social media management clients. But they did bring in new revenue in the form of graphic design, photography & video work. Overall, yes. They are working well for us at the moment.

We also use these to gauge what our audience wants/needs from us in order to look at what we may run as Paid Ads in the future. It’s a good litmus test to see what works organically before we sink any money into the Paid Ads.


That’s pretty good for a lead magnet.

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Thank you @amanda1 We’ve seen really good success with all three that we’re currently using.