🚨 Latest Threads usage report - time spent down 85%

  • The Threads Android app peaked at 49.3 million daily active users worldwide on July 7, according to Similarweb estimates. But on August 7, the app was down to 10.3 million daily active users.

  • In the US, peak usage for Threads was 2.3 million daily active users on July 7, compared with about 576,000 as of August 7.

  • The average amount of time daily active users spent with the app started out at about 14 minutes, worldwide, but was significantly higher in the US: nearly 21 minutes on July 7. By August 7, that was down to 3 minutes.

  • For comparison, X (formerly Twitter) has more than 100 million daily active users on Android alone, and they consistently spend about 25 minutes per day on it.

h/t Similarweb

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Crazy, but its just hard to get back on Threads when its such a low engagement I guess. There’s nobody there to really talk to… so next time you go into it there’s less to do and it spirals into being unused.

And just like that…The “Twitter Killer” is trying to get off the ledge from jumping.

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