🎥 Katie Brinkley on Business-Building Podcasts

Katie Brinkley is a social media strategist and podcaster.

We caught up with Katie at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her how she built her business with podcasting.

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Podcasting changed my business.

For a lot of business owners, just getting started is the hardest part. Get those three episodes out of the way and start thinking about how you want to show up with your podcast on a weekly basis.

For me, it’s connecting with other business owners and digital marketing experts. It’s helped me grow my business exponentially because I’m talking with people in my community and with other digital marketing experts from around the world, who then refer me and my business out.

Find a way to build your business with your podcast. It doesn’t need millions of downloads; just find a way to have that be your networking tool so that you can make more connections.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of businesses make when they decide to go down the podcast route is not actually telling people it exists.

You need to share it with your email list. You need to share it on your social media—and not just sharing only a cover art of your podcast, because when people see that over and over again in the feed, they are just going to scroll right on by.

Find different ways to show up with your podcasts: use carousel posts, or turn some of the podcast clips into Reels. You can show up a lot of different ways. Everyone consumes content differently, and you can create a ton of content out of your podcast.

Katie Brinkley @katie1
Social media strategist and founder at Next Step Social Communications, speaker, podcaster.

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