🎥 Julie Riley on Getting Live Viewers

Julie Riley

Julie Riley is a social media and community manager for StreamYard. She specializes in building

community with live video.

We caught up with Julie at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her how to build a live audience.

Connect with Julie at @SocialJewelsICT on every social media channel.

It takes time to grow your audience, and part of that is building that community space.

Start with promotion: let people know when and where you’re going live, and be consistent so they know, and they can show up and watch you.

When you’re live, engage with this audience; don’t just sit there and talk at them, but talk with them. Create a conversation; engage and interact with them.

Remember, though, you are going to get the majority of your viewers watching the replays—so also engage and interact with them. Say, “Hey, we welcome you, we’re excited to have you; if you’re here watching the replay, let us know,” and then come back and talk to those replay viewers in the comments and they’ll start showing up live because you’re engaging with them.

Julie Riley @julieriley8125
Social Media Manager at StreamYard

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