Join us for our SMP Table Talk MeetUp 11/29 1:00pm EST

Don’t miss this month’s Table Talks MeetUp!

WHAT: Social Media Pulse Virtual Table Talks MeetUp

WHEN: Tuesday, November 29 at 1:00pm EST

REGISTER HERE: Book your spot ASAP. Seats are limited.

THE PLAN: We’re setting up tables of 8 people. Each table will have a different topic. You simply join the event. Then find a table with a topic of interest, and you’ll be transported into a cool group discussion.

ASK: We are looking for Table Talk Hosts…If you’ve got a topic of interest, let us know below! We’ll be picking the most popular ones and have pre-set tables for you to join.

Yes…it’s okay if you table hop until you find a table that you enjoy!

Can’t wait to hang out virtually!

ps. We know we can’t meet everyone’s time zone perfectly. IF you are in a totally different time zone…we’d be willing to host at a second time if we get 5 interested people. Please comment below.


@TableTalksFans hope you will join us!


These are always great!


I’d really like to join this! Are there any other meeting times? I’m always booked on Tuesdays from 10-11 AM PST / 1-2 EST.


Watch a Aussie/Kiwi (and others) Mastermind MeetUp in December…it’s later to match their time zone

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@TableTalksFans don’t forget to sign up for tomorrow’s MeetUp!


Sorry to say I’ll have to miss this Table Talk. We just singed a new client and they’re having two events tomorrow we will be on-location shooting content for them. Business comes first!