🎥 Jim Fuhs on Co-Creating an Amazon Brand

Jim Fuhs

Jim Fuhs is the head of Fuhsion Marketing (specializing in remote virtual production, digital marketing consulting) and is also an Amazon Influencer.

We caught up with Jim at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked him how he decided to co-create a brand on Amazon with fellow influencer Chris Stone.

Find Jim on Amazon at Dealcasters.shop or on most social media platforms at FuhsionMKTG.

When we create, it’s very difficult to do things by ourselves.

I met Chris Stone at a podcasting meetup in Atlanta back in 2019 and we became fast friends. We had worked on some projects together, but we’d never had a chance to do something together.

Out of the blue, Ross Brand posted a video on YouTube about this Amazon Influencer program. I went and checked it out, applied, and within 10 minutes I was approved. And so I called Chris up, I said, “Hey, Chris, guess what? We’re Amazon Influencers!”

This gave us an opportunity to do a show on a platform that people knew very little about, and it gave us a chance to talk about things that we really love, which is tech and helping others use tech to create livestreams
and podcasts. The idea is not so much about being like QVC, but about helping people succeed in something that people struggle with when they’re ready and out there wanting to buy things.

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Once you get approved, you can make your brand whatever you want it to be. Think of it as like creating your own channel. Some people have created channels where they have multiple people coming in—they bring in talent, because not everyone can get approved, there’s maybe 3000 people
on the platform right now.

We branded as Dealcasters, and then we’ve created social platforms to support that.

We have lots of brands coming to us and wanting us to talk about their items on Amazon. On YouTube, that’s something that we would still be working to even get to, which is another great benefit of branding on Amazon.

Jim Fuhs @jfuhs
Marketing the Marine Corps Way. Digital Marketing Consultant, Amazon Influencer, Livestreamer, Podcaster, and Remote Livestream Producer

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