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Jessika Phillips

Jessika Phillips is the founder of NOW Marketing Group and the host of Social Media Week Lima.

We caught up with Jessika at Social Media Week Lima #SMWL22 and asked her about creating an agency culture.

Find Jessika at JessikaPhillips.com.

I think culture is one of the most important things for marketing, for building business in general.

It has to really start from the inside out. It is something that you have to truly get to the core of what you believe, what you’re there to do as an organization.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing company, an agency—whatever you do, truly get to the heart of what you want to be doing. What’s your bigger purpose, your north star? Once you identify that, find others that care about the same things.

Building a culture is something that cannot be done by one person; it’s a collaboration.

Once I started with NOW Marketing Group, I made sure we asked ourselves, “What are some things that we believe? What are those ‘we believe’ statements?” We created our manifesto and then incorporated just how we wanted to be treated, how we wanted to show up, and integrated that into our organization, meaning showing up for each other in appreciation and truly understanding we’re humans at the end of the day, not just workhorses. To really show up to appreciate one another and to also understand one another’s strengths.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager or if you’re the person that cleans the office: everybody should be treated with respect and a level of understanding that this isn’t the only thing we do. Many of us are moms. Many of us have side hustles and things that we’re doing outside of the company. But showing up to appreciate one another and just fully be seen for our genius is something very, very important.

For companies today, one of the ways that they can build in that company culture is to intentionally look for opportunities to celebrate culture, to recognize others, and to get input from one another and check the pulse of how everybody is doing.

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