It's a July Summer Friday...are you working? Where do you wish you were instead? Share your favorite GIF

UGH…why are Summer Fridays so hard? Wish you were somewhere else than the office? Share where!

Mackenzie Ziegler Summer GIF by Kenzie

Wishing I was at the beach…either Hawaii or Myrtle Beach!

Beach Day GIF

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Working, but a) I got an early start today and b) it’s a heat wave, so we’ll definitely be heading to the pool club midafternoon! (May or may not bring my computer…last time I did, I actually got a ton done, and still got to relax!)

Though it may actually be TOO hot to enjoy being at the pool…
Fire Hashtag GIF by Christine Gritmon

Ever since our 2008 honeymoon in Hawaii, we’ve said we’d go back…looks like November 2023 (15 year anniversary) may be the time! And there are a few moments from that trip that I still go back to in my head when I need to relax.

My mother-in-law is in Myrtle Beach, so that trip is definitely happening again at some point.

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