Is there such a thing as an Engagement Specialist? 🦄

As an agency, we offer messaging services and a content creation service. Based on the content created during an in-depth messaging session with a writer, journalist and messaging expert on our team, we invite our client for a 1 hour a month session where we ask them deep, engaging questions that addresses the pain and bliss of their clients. We then package videos, create posts and schedule this content for the next 30 days.

My question is related to the topic of my post (don’t worry, I’m not rambling!): we are looking for what we called, for lack of a better term, an engagement specialist. We’ve found a lot of digital marketer, content creator BUT since we are creating the content, we are looking for someone to create more engagement and connection organically. We are looking for what I call a catalyst.

Is that a thing?

If you believe it is, where do you think I would found one?

We’ve created a job listing on LinkedIn with a very specific form to apply. We’ve found some candidates but most of them are coming from content marketing, therefor they are also coming with an hefty price tag since, in their content marketing world, they are creating content.

I hope this makes sense. I really hope it does.

If you have any questions for me, I’d gladly clarify!

Thank you!

Engagement Specialists are definitely a thing. I think they overlap with a lot of social media and content. Not necessarily because they are similar but just because its all lumped in together. There are companies out there that have the title “Engagement Specialist” out there for jobs.

So what you’re saying is - you have people creating content/posts and scheduling them, but you don’t have anyone organically reaching out to people on the platforms and engaging with comments and such? Because that’s definitely a role on its own imo. It’s something I do managing a brand on Twitter by listening to conversations and see where I can jump in as the brand and bring customers in.

Thanks @eternalkaz, to clarify: we create the content for our clients as this is our main offering: messaging and supporting the content creation for 30 days.
What we are struggling to find is the engagement specialist. I’ve looked on many gig platforms and even on LinkedIn and this is not a title that comes up a lot.
Thank you for sharing that you have some expertise with this role. I appreciate that, But I am also looking for a place to look to find these engagement specialists and I didn’t find any. And believe me, I have looked very exhaustively.

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For example, when I look at your LinkTree, I do not see the “engagement specialist” aspect you mentioned. Where would I found out more about these services you offer?

Yeah, I’m not sure if people on gig platforms ONLY do engagement, since it would seem like a niche offering vs a more wide range to get more gigs. Not sure if you’d have to ask them personally, that’s also time consuming.

I’m not a freelancer, so I don’t offer services :slight_smile: that’s probably why you can’t find anything about what services I offer.

Maybe our @Agency friends will have more ideas :slight_smile:.

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I’m confused: you mentioned this is something you do, as an engagement specialist. Where would I found out more about your services? If you aren’t a freelancer, how does that work?

Sorry for the confusion Patrice. I mentioned it to show you that there are people out there that do that type of work. As one of your original questions was “is that a thing?”. So I answered that by saying that it is something I personally do. I don’t offer services because I’m not a freelancer, I look for a permanent role where the company takes care of taxes.

There are companies out there that have job postings for “engagement specialists” - as far as finding freelancing people who do solely the job “Engagement Specialist” I am not sure. That’s why I asked the rest of our agency friends to see if they can come in and give you some ideas. :slight_smile:

If you’re posting on LinkedIn - it may help to put your price range in it so that people with a hefty price tag do not apply to begin with :slight_smile:.

The main gig websites I’ve heard of are Fiverr and Upwork.

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Thanks @eternalkaz for clarifying. That makes a lot of sense.

I hope more people will jump on this thread!

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I didn’t jump in right away @pat because I wanted to see what others said! Everyone’s pretty quite LOL!

Thinking you might want to look at someone like me! A Community Manager!!! Part of our jobs is to go in and interact with content…either in an actual community or on social!

@phylliskhare and @jencoleict and @dorien can all probably add to this!


Thanks @deb , but my understanding of a community manager is more “internal”. Does a community manager help grow accounts by engaging with similar or congruent accounts?

A Community Manager can be internal or external -

It used to be that a Social Media Manager also did Community Management, but those two things have split through time into two very distinct services.

A Community Manager’s job includes the idea of an “Engagement Specialist” – it’s not a job title - it’s a description of what a Community Manager does naturally.

Hope that helps!

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Interesting. Maybe these terms are fluid as I have approached a few Community Managers and was told that the external part, the outreach, wasn’t part of their mandate! That’s why I’m so confused and this is why we defined our position as an Engagement Specialist.

Do you have a sense where I should look if I’d be looking for one these mysterious yet amazing creatures? :wink:

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Well, you also run into the issue that these titles are fluid in other industries as well, and when searching for “Community Managers” you actually run into APARTMENT community managers or some form of rental community manager, not a community manager in the sense of social media.

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This Community is full of freelance Community Managers. :slight_smile: And as long as the details of the job description are clear, you can certainly find someone who is a Community Manager who understands the expectations of this particular job.

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Draw up the job descriptions and @deb will post it on the Jobs Board.

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I have and it has been posted! Thanks @phylliskhare

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