Is there a way to tag a collaborator on an Instagram Post?

Trying to see if it’s possible to tag a collaborator for an Instagram post.

In what sense? Like “Co-tweets” used to be on Twitter where you both show up on a post? or just tagging collaborators? I’ve added a picture below of what I think you may mean:

That would show up on the picture as tagged.

You could also @ them in the captions if you wanted to.

The picture I showed was on Instagram’s native website on PC, although I’m sure you can do the same on the mobile app. Unsure of social media management apps.

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I’ve successfully added a collaborator before within the Instagram app. It’s down in the same space where you choose your music for the post, tag location and tag other accounts. You can “invite collaborator” and that will send off a prompt for that collaborator to either accept or deny.

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Any chance you got a picture handy Jen?

I’ve tried looking and couldn’t find it. Could it be due to types of accounts?

I found it on the mobile app, but not on the website. Here are some screenshots on adding the collaborator specifically vs tagging.

You have to click on tag first and then invite collaborator.

@Instagram_Experts can anyone add any suggestions?

From what I have seen, once you add a collaborator, you cannot tag the person. But you can tag other people. If the person accepts the collaboration, it shows automatically on their feed. But if they don’t accept the collaboration, I think you can take out the collaboration and then tag.
By the way, on reels you have to add the collaboration before posting. It does not allow you to add later. and to make things more confusing, I have added videos as “posts” and I can add as a collaborator later even though Instagram tells you all videos are now reels. :smiley:

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thanks for all that knowledge Blanca!

That is very confusing haha, maybe an outdated interaction left behind because videos can be both posts and reels at the same time? Since you can post a reel without adding it to your posts in home.

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Hi Kaz, yes that is probably the difference. But I always add my reels to a post on home feed. On another note, I haven’t seen how to add as a collaborator on a 3rd party tool. I use Sprout Social. So I have to download the videos to my phone if I want to do that. Let me know if anyone has been able to do that.

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This is all so helpful! I was hoping maybe it would be possible in Agorapulse but looks like for posts, I can add collaborators after it’s live but for Reels if I want a collaborator then I have to do it before I share it natively in the platform. WHEW! Hopefully this gets streamlined soon.

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Unless it has been changed in the last month! You never know with Instagram.

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