Is the use of Hashtags on Twitter become spammy?

Over the past two months l have been monitoring hashtag content on Twitter and this is what l have come realize:

  1. People feel hashtag content is spammy especially if it is not the popularly hashtag in particular niches or communities
  2. People engage less on hashtag-y content coz they feel it is sponsored and can’t wait to scroll just like how they can’t wait to click ‘Skip Ad’ on YourTube Ads.
  3. Similar content posted with and without hashtag; results: People engaged more on content without hashtags.
  4. Use of links in tweets. Content is more likely to be engaged if the link is within the caption and photo attached separately. But this changes from audience to audience since l realised some do well even when you let the link fetch the visual.

Let me know what your thoughts on use of hashtags on Twitter especially on your content.


Honestly, I rarely use hashtags on Twitter unless I’m participating in a Twitter Chat or attending/discussing an event that has a branded Hashtag. Other than that, it’s rare that I use them at all.

Also, I use the method of attaching the image to the Tweet when I am posting a link. Say if I am posting about a YouTube video. I’ll write the copy & shortened URL but add the thumbnail as an image to the Tweet. It look more attention getting to me eye since the image appears larger than allowing Twitter to fetch the visual from the website.


Interesting… @christine wondering if we can tie any of the data we just looked at to these observations


While hashtags started on Twitter, I feel they went out of vogue a long time ago—and they were always of limited use there anyway since there’s a character count limit.

For years now I have almost exclusively seem them used:

  • For conferences and events;
  • For Twitter chats;
  • When hopping onto something trending

I don’t remember the last time I saw anyone use more than 2 hashtags on Twitter, and almost exclusively under those circumstances above.


Agree 100% with @christine here. I adhere & see the same thing on Twitter. My 1b. favourite platform by the way! Yes. Facebook is 1a. Sorry, not sorry.