Is March 2023 a run away train?

Anyone else feeling a bit stressed it’s the middle of MARCH! Where is 2023 going?? Can’t believe we are almost at the end of Q1!

Thought I’d post an accountability post to get us through the last days of the month!

What’s on your list to complete by the end of the month?


I’m totally running behind! LOL I think it’s mostly because I was planning for Social Media Marketing World and also AT Social Media Marketing World last week!

I’ve got a TON of Mission: Clients content to load into Social Media Pulse this week. I haven’t sent an email lately so that’s on my list too!

Then I’ve got personal taxes…finished up my agency corporate taxes just before the due date…and I’ve got April content for a couple of clients to do!


March is a hard slog at the moment. It was supposed to be super busy but then lots of client projects have been paused due to worries about the economy. So, I’m now in find-work mode asap. If anyone needs a first-class copywriter and marketer with 30 years of experience, don’t be shy :grin: :point_right:t3:


I’ve totally powered through the first 3 months but I’m slowing down now. I need to keep an eye on my goals!


For me, I’m finishing up the launch of my new membership. The goal is to gain 20 more members, but with Social Media Marketing World in the middle of the month, I’ve lost a little momentum.

Now I’m also adding a YouTube Channel, so my plate is becoming fairly full. Wish me luck, and a better to-do list.


What’s your new membership @StaceyonSocial? Would love to see your YouTube Channel when you launch…we’ll become subscribers! We’re working on our YouTube channel too!

@amanda1 congrats on powering through…plus you are pumping out the content! GO YOU!

Fingers crossed for you @joanna1! We are all hoping the economy takes a quick turn!