Is it all really "just fine" or are you just burnt out? Candid Discussion Around Burn Out

Hello new friends!

My name is Shannon Emery and I have been an online community builder working in the B2B corporate tech space for about a decade. Recently, I did something wild. Bold. Daring. Or as some have said - brave. I quit my job.

In this economy? Indeed. Why? Burn out. Plain and simple. Hence why this post exists.

Tomorrow, 2 PM EST, I am chatting with @paul on the next episode of The Trust (you can also watch on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook) about burn out, how to identify it, how to build programs to combat it and well, be a bit vulnerable and transparent as this is not an easy topic to talk about but very important for your mental health.

“But Shannon, I am a social media professional.” You are and an amazing one but burn out affects us all at one time or another. Come learn, maybe share, and avoid it. Also, I promise I’ve done social media management before - I am very good at sounding like a corporate robot circa 2011. :wink:

Hope to see you there! I can’t drop the links below (I haven’t proven I’m not a bot yet, lol) so hopefully the SMP Team can help!

Also feel free to share tips & tricks on how to avoid burnout :slight_smile:

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Super excited to have this chat tomorrow, @shannon.emery85 – woohoo!!! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: