Introducing the SMP Leaderboard -- Will You Be Number 1?

Hello SMPers – it’s me, your favorite Space Friend :space_friend:. I’m checking in today to announce a cool new addition to the gamification here in Social Media Pulse.

On top of the badges you’ve earned – which you can check out here – we now have an engagement leaderboard for SMP users :rocket: :comet: :clinking_glasses: :partying_face: :tada: :piñata: :mirror_ball:!!!

You can navigate there from the hamburger menu:

What does the leaderboard track?

While you may not have known it, your activity in SMP has been earning you points, which we call Stars, since you joined:

The leaderboard shows an infinite scrolling list of who has earned the most in descending order:

Got it – so what do I do to earn Stars?

Glad you asked!

  1. You have to be logged in – repeat, NOTHING YOU DO IN SMP WILL RECORD STARS IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN :space_friend:
  2. The below actions earn you Stars:
  • Visiting the community
  • Liking posts and/or replies
  • Receiving Likes on your posts and/or replies
  • Reading posts and/or replies
  • Creating posts and/or replies
  • Having your response marked as a solution

To toggle the leaderboard for Stars earned today, the last week, the last month, the last quarter and the last year (which is the same as all-time until March 14, 2023), click the arrow at top-left:

Take a look to see the who’s who of who’s fueling Social Media Pulse, find yourself on the list and keep an eye out for @yourspacefriend, cus I’ll be making the rounds every month to let everyone know who is running up the board …

Not to mention, we already have a New User of the Month Badge that we award based on earned Likes.

And we’ll now also have a Space Friend :space_friend: of the Month Badge for monthly leaderboard winners …

Buh-buh-but wait there’s more!!!

andy richter conan obrien GIF by Team Coco

Every month, we’ll announce the winners of those^ two badges, as well as the Top 3 and Top 10 for that month – which will also be badged!

So get out there and make the #top-3, or, if you’re feeling lazy, the #top-10 :sunglasses: – but if you’re really feeling yourself, go out there and win a #new-user-of-month and/or #user-of-month, Space Friends!!!

We’ll see you out there and stay tuned, because we’re going to have more badge and #leaderboard fun on the way soon … :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:

And, on that front, we created and backdated leaderboard announcements for every month so far – check them out (and see if you made it!):

SMP Pro Tip: Check on which badges you’ve earned by clicking the Hamburger Menu>My Profile>Badges:


what fun🤩