Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone,
Happy to be here among other social media professionals!

  1. My name is Geisha but call me GG
  2. I’m the Director of Digital and Social Media at the University of Miami (Go 'Canes!) and the founder of GG Communications, a small social media agency elevating female-led brands.
  3. I’m located in sunny Miami, Florida :desert_island:
  4. I love chatting all things marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship

Looking forward to making some connections here x


Hi everyone.

Glad to be here with you all!
My name is Helena and I’m the owner of an agency in Portugal called Social Ninjas. I’m also the owner of a project called Community Manager Portugal.

I love chatting about social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.


Great to see you Helena!!! Think you will be interested in our Agency Mastermind and Agency content!

We have lots of Agency people in SMP! What type of clients do you work with?


Waving Hi @ggcommunicationsteam! Great to have you join us! @theresa and @EddieGarrison are both in Florida!

LOVE higher ed social! We’ve been working to gather up other higher ed social professionals! Be sure to introduce yourself here too! The plan is to have a virtual Higher Ed MeetUp in Q1 of 2023! Hope you’ll be able to join us!

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Welcome to Social Media Pulse @brandon1!!! Love to see another Californian here! I’m up in Napa! I usually come down to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World!

Want to be sure you find your way over to the Agency Mastermind so you can connect with other agency professionals and we even have a special group for agency owners!


A friendly hello :wave: welcome to all of our @New_Members who joined over the past week!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Happy November! Don’t miss our Mission: LinkedIn happening this month…we’ve got tons of LinkedIn content coming your way! Our Mission Control post will help you find your way around the mission!

Thanks so much for joining the fun! We’d love it if those of you who just blasted off :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: will introduce yourselves here – your fellow SMPers will love it if you’ll share:

1. Who you are
2. Your job/role in social
3. Where you are located
4. Something you chat to talk about

We’re excited to meet you!!! :space_friend:


You too Deb! I will check you suggestions!

We work with clients of all sizes, but focused this industries:

  • Technology
  • Home & Food
  • Lifestyle
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Go California! I love the Napa area, I’ve been wanting to go back to do some wine tasting there!


Hey Everyone! Love to meet you all :smiley:

My name’s Eddie and I just recently became the new Social Media & Digital Community Manager at a professional body for solicitors called The Law Society. I’m based in London and I love chatting about new content ideas, as well as the ‘why’ behind all those ideas! I’m also really keen to hear from you all about how, as social media managers, we can work smarter and free up more time to do the parts of the job we love!


Hi @deb thanks so much. I’ll check the higher ed spaces. I’m also an agency owner, so I’d love any resources/groups around that as well. x


This is freaking awesome! So do you create voice overs for videos or movies or something?

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Welcome welcome welcome! What all do you do in your Community Manager Portugal project?

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WOW! It seems like you have a very busy schedule that is freaking awesome.

What’s your favorite social media platform to create on right now?

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Wanted to welcome all of our @New_Members who joined in the last few weeks!!! :tada: :rocket: :space_friend:

It’s a true honor that you decided to join Social Media Pulse!

Every Wednesday, we invite those of you who just blasted off :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: with us to introduce yourselves here – your fellow SMPers will love it if you’ll share:

1. Who you are
2. What your job/role in social is
3. Where you are located
4. Something you love to talk about

:space_friend: You might want to check out our current campaign we call a “mission”:

We’ve spent all of November on Mission: LinkedIn to get the most out of LinkedIn, so check it out! We’ve got all kinds of resources!

Thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you out there!!! :sunglasses:


Hello Everyone! :wave: My name is Ashley and I work as the Social Media Coordinator & Content Coordinator for my company, Wrk, an automation solution provider. I am responsible for creating all of our organic social media content, publishing it, and overall managing our channels and launching new ones! I am located in Ottawa in Canada.

I love to chat about all things content, professional development, and books as I read a lot! :blush: I hope to make more connections in the space so we can share knowledge and learn from each other. A big goal of mine for the next year is to build and establish my own personal brand a bit more and write more for pleasure!


Hello, my name is Alissa Paolella. I’ve been a social media manager since 2014 and am currently the senior content editor and copywriter/storyteller for a digital marketing agency in central Ohio. I support marketing efforts, including social media, for the agency and clients. I also run a freelance digital marketing business. Connect with me on LinkedIn:

I love talking about justice, inclusion, mental health, and my cat, Midge.


Hidy Ho, SMP neighbors!

I’m Roger Burnett, rajabee to many, soGOODRaja by day, leading the charge to keep our clients branded merch/swag/promotional products (whatever title you assign to the stuff bearing your company logo) OUT of landfills.

I founded Social Good Promotions in 2019 with a strong dose of inspiration that came from my role as co-founder of PromoCares back in 2018. PromoCares is a branded-merch industry initiative dedicated to elevating the perception of our marketing medium in comparison to other advertising spend, and we’ve been championing the efforts of those in our marketplace focused on an objective beyond profit ever since. It was in those go-go early years of PromoCares that I realized how little and at the same time how much our marketing medium can provide in terms of value, when done well, when done in conjunction with other forms of marketing, when it’s not an “oh crap, we need some merch, somebody buy something” kind of reactionary purchase.

We’ve pulled off some amazing things in the 5 years since we started PromoCares, and it was in the sessions with my co-collaborators that I planted the seeds that became soGOOD Promo in 2019. While my clothes and my family are found just north of Ann Arbor, MI, we travel the US in our converted Sprinter van for weeks at a time, traveling the country connecting with others seeking ways to use their businesses to make the world a better place, documenting it all and sharing the highlights on our numerous social media channels dedicated to those efforts. (PS - I manage all those channels along with my day job as our primary salesperson for the company, no small feat for a non-digital native!)

I love talking about big ideas, exploring ways to tell the stories of others who share my love for focusing our business efforts on something greater than profit, and beer. (ok, bourbon too) I can’t wait to connect with as many of you as would be interested in doing so, as while I have much to share, I have even more to learn from all of you.



Waving Hi @alissa.paolella glad you joined us! Hope you get a chance to dive into some of the #agency resources we have! Plus don’t miss our Agency Mastermind MeetUp…next one is in January!

Hi @ashley1 Happy you joined us! Hope you’ll keep your eye out for our upcoming Favorite book of 2022 post that’s coming later this month!

Hi Roger…love your mission! Hope you enjoy SMP!