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Hi!! :wave:

  1. I’m Ruth Inman, Director of Community Education here at Social Media Pulse Community.

  2. I oversee Pulse Academy. Be sure to check out our courses and engage in the Academy Study Group with questions and discussion.

  3. I am located in the middle of the United States in Oklahoma. Before joining the community team here at SMP, I spent 15 years in marketing communications, first in internal communications for higher education and as a freelancer. Later, I got a Ph.D in education and most recently was a digital media assistant professor at Oklahoma State University.

  4. In addition to nerding out over all thing social and digital media (special place in my heart for graphic design) - I also am a mom, a coffee addict, a fifth-generation woman in agriculture and western fashion enthusiast!

Can’t wait to meet all of you! Follow me on other social media platforms!
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  1. I’m Deb Mitchell, Community & Mastermind Manager for Social Media Pulse
  2. I wear a couple of hats…at Agorapulse and Social Media Pulse I also own a boutique marketing agency and have a membership called Community Builders’ Paradise where I help course creators and membership owners with their marketing so they can build amazing communities.
  3. I’m located in the Napa Valley in California.
  4. Love talking about community and swimming because my son swims at the University of Wyoming. Go :cowboy_hat_face:!
  1. Hi all, I’m Paul Bradley and I’m very excited to be here :partying_face:.

  2. I’m Head of Global Community for Social Media Pulse and I work on overall strategy + making sure our wildly talented team has everything it needs to provide a great experience for you.

  3. I live in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia.

  4. I’ve been running community programs and teams for 10+ years and love to geek out about it any time, anywhere. Please feel free to chat me up about community early and often.


Hi I am Shaun Moat. I am the owner of Moray Digital Ltd and 3rd Pixel ltd

We are based on the shores of the Moray Firth in Scotland about 25 mins away from Loch Ness so in my spare time i have been know to go monster hunting.

Love to connect with other agency owners and like minded individuals


Hello! My name is Micah from Memphis, TN. I’ve been in social media marketing for 7-8 years with extensive experience in B2B, B2C, and nonprofit brands/organizations. I’m currently the social media manager for Youth Villages, a wonderful nonprofit organization that plays a pivotal role in the child welfare system by helping children, youth, and families be successful. I LOVE social media on a professional and personal level! My favorite part of being a social media marketer is testing new tools and features to see how they best fit my target audience. I also love creating TikTok/IG Reels. Looking forward to meeting awesome, like-minded creators and learning all I can.

  1. I’m Scott!
  2. Currently doing my own thing as a full-time Amazon Creator. Entertaining the idea of doing some freelance Social Media/Community Manager work.
  3. Live in a small town in the middle of Texas - Our town is home to the world’s largest spur collection.
  4. I’ll talk about pretty much anything, but mainly the Dallas Cowboys.
  1. Hello All! I’m Dan
  2. I am currently working to get my Social Media business off the ground and make the transition from my full time gig to running my own business.
  3. I live in NYC and would love to find a like minded business partner with an entrepreneurial spirit to help me run this business.
  4. For fun, I love to play golf and watch hockey. Let’s go Rangers!

I am Jeanette Yates, Community Manager for Text In Church, an SaaS Company serving churches and non-profits mostly. The company is based in Kansas City, MO, but I live in Florida. I love to talk about community building. Non-work-related discussions I love having are: Marvel, Literature, True Crime all-the-things, great podcasts.

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Hi, everyone! I’m Christine Gritmon, Senior Editor for the Social Media Pulse community! I live in beautiful Nyack, NY, just slightly north of NYC (and right on the Hudson River). I love talking about personal branding, which I do every week on my chat & show, #ChatAboutBrand & Let’s Talk About Brand!

I am SO eager to talk to you about what lights you up–and then to bug you to write something about it for the Social Media Pulse community. :heart:


Hi there! I’m Jelle Postma, Marketing and Communication Employee for Verano in the Netherlands.

I love creating content and learning about Marketing so I can’t wait to connect with all of you! I’m also fairly active on Twitter (@JelleTells) and I regularly write blogs on my own website.


Hi, there! :wave: I’m excited to meet you all and join the group.

  1. My name is Elsbeth Russell and I’m the Community Manager at a B2B SaaS company.
  2. I manage all the social media for our brand and a second brand the company acquired.
  3. I am located near Gainesville, Fl
  4. I’m a content creator at heart and would love to chat about creative content ideas for social media. In my spare time :wink: I’m the mom of 10-year-old twin boys.

Hiya! I’m Mike Allton and I serve as the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Agorapulse. But I’ve also run an award-winning blog at The Social Media Hat for over a decade and use that as a platform to help break down complicated problems and tasks into more easily understood and approachable solutions.

I consider myself a Content Marketing Strategist, and excel at helping mid-market businesses establish strategy and processes to leverage long form content for every channel and buying stage.

I’m originally from Ohio but have called St. Louis, MO home for 15 years.


Hi Everyone!

  1. I’m Justine Hedge, Digital Marketing Director at Cassandra Bryan Design.

  2. I have a variety of accounts that have ongoing social media presence and paid campaigns as well as traditional digital marketing efforts among other content generation efforts.

Outside of my day job, I’m the incoming president of our local American Marketing Association chapter and am excited to continue to bring our local marketing community together through networking events and things like that.

  1. We’re located in Wichita, KS but have accounts all over the globe.

  2. When it’s not work-related, I love to talk about all things Bravo, especially when it comes to the Real Housewives franchises. What can I say, I’m a trash TV-aholic!

I’m excited to connect with everyone! I would love to connect on other social media platforms!
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What is going on everyone!

  1. I am Jeremy a social media and community loving nerd. :iphone:

  2. I am currently the Social Media Specialist at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and the owner of Wholesome Media LLC an organic social media management business. :grin:

  3. I am located in the apple state, Virginia. :apple:

  4. While I enjoy talking about A LOT of things, my favorite topic would be reality TV shows or swimming. :joy::grin:


Hey guys!

My name is Mikey, I am a Social Media Manager working for Team Singularity, specialising in esports and gaming. I am located to Manchester, UK and I love to talk about anything and everything. I am also studying for a BA (Hons) in Community Development and Youth Studies with plans to complete an MA in Marketing in the next academic year.

It’s lovely to meet you guys! Feel free to reach out and connect with me!


Hahaha! Scott - we have similar interests. I’m in a small town at the base of the panhandle.
And, you’re an Amazon creator? Tell me more pls…


Hello all! I’m Maria Elena Duron.

  1. My titles include:
    Marketing Coach & Strategist: KLIBrand (I also lead this agency :wink: )
    Google Professional Trainer: Google
    Director of Marketing: BlueKube

  2. In social I:

  • Lead an entire agency through all social initiatives and content development
  • Train small businesses on how to measure their socials effectiveness utilizing Google tools.
  • Lead a world wide team which includes Influencer Managers, TikTok Content Creators, IG Content Creators, Community Engagement Specialists, Paid Social/Campaigns Acquisition Specialist, Social Media Managers, and Content Managers.
    *I do come from being editor of an award winning blog, lots of blogging and twitter chat background, too.
  1. I’m physically located in Texas and remotely - everywhere :smiley:
    I’m also an Air Force brat so I have lived across the world/states, too.

  2. I love to talk about free Google Tools. There’s so many that most barely scratch the surface of using. I love to break that down into practical applicable tips. Personally, am always down to chat about anime!


My name is Faith but I prefer the name in Imani.

I come from one of the coolest countries in East Africa, Kenya.

I have an educational background in Communication and Public Relations. I’m a social media manager with over 6 years of experience who loves all things art.

My job has been around content creation, community management and also social media strategy.

I love to talk about all things social media including trends, new learning opportunities, digital marketing, and looking forward to exploring the world of UI and UX design.

I also enjoy mobile photography and cooking.