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Hi! My name is Micah from Memphis, TN. I’m currently the social media manager for Youth Villages. Youth Villages provides help for children and young people across the United States who face a wide range of emotional, mental, and behavioral problems. Instagram is my FAV social platform.

FUN FACT: Youth Villages has a partnership with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith that helped create Janie’s Fund, a foundation that helps girls that have experienced abuse and neglect through Youth Villages’ LifeSet program. Every year we have a Grammy Viewing party in L.A. that gathers supporters and celebrities to help raise money for Janie’s Fund. It is a BLAST :rocket:


YES!!! So happy to have you join the Nonprofit Mastermind!!! Tell your other nonprofit friends! -deb

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Hello Everyone! I am Jeremy and I run all of the social media and digital advertising for the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. We are a nonprofit organization that is based around preserving and enriching the history and culture of the Shenandoah valley.

I can’t wait to connect with each of you to learn about your nonprofits! :blush:



I work the Producer Partnership, a non-profit whose mission is to end hunger in Montana by connecting farmers and ranchers with those in need.

  1. Our niche is agriculture

  2. Our location is Livingston, Montana

  3. Our non-profit is unique because we run a win-win-win operation. We take in cull livestock from farmers and ranchers and get them processed to be delivered through the Montana Food Bank Network to hungry Montanans. After donation, the livestock producer who donated to us receives a tax credit for their donation. This is a win for the producer, food banks, and those in need of protein!


Hi, I’m Desiree. I live in northern Colorado. Currently, I run social for Meals on Wheels America (HQ in Washington, D.C.)! Meals on Wheels America is the leadership organization supporting more than 5,000 community-based programs across the country that are dedicated to addressing senior isolation and hunger. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with all of you!


Love that you have joined us @linaburgjeremy. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull a bunch of other museums together!

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This is super cool @Desiree! What is your favorite part about doing social media for Meals on Wheels?


I have a heart and passion for this work as well @micah.pender! I am actually mentoring an elementary schooler who has had a rough time and it just warms my heart to just talk and connect with him.

I also love Instagram! What do you like about IG? I know for me I like to be on camera so the IG reels are my favorite.


Hello all!

I’m a social media freelancer/consultant who works exclusively with nonprofits. For the most part, I focus on small regional nonprofits in the Nebraska/Iowa/South Dakota area, who have between one-half and one communications people (you know what the one half means - that’s when the comms person is also the development person ;).

In the past, I focused on organizations that did first response work (like child advocacy center Project Harmony in Omaha, and the St. Francis Mission in South Dakota) and our local water & gas utility, but now I’m focusing (entirely on accident) on more Foundation work.


Hi everyone, I am so glad there is a niche group of nonprofits here too! As Corrie mentioned above, often times with small nonprofits the marketing/comms and development is under one person–that’s me!

Our nonprofit is called Miami Valley Meals and we emerged from the pandemic. A group of my former coworkers and friends banded together to make meals for the hungry, and pretty soon it snowballed into a full time operation. I got involved when I created their logo, and eventually transitioned to working full time. We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary!

Our niche is that we recover food and transform it into yummy chef-prepared meals, which gives families and individuals an alternate option. We supply these meals directly to other nonprofits in the area to boost their efforts.

Fun fact: about half of our team used to work at a local restaurant together. We catered events at a large venue, one of which was a Business of the Year awards. After the restaurant closed, the pandemic hit, and MVM was formed. One year later, we were back at the venue being honored with Nonprofit of the Year award at that same event! It was a very cool full-circle moment.

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I love this story so much! What a great (and beautiful) full circle!

It’s great to meet you @corrie! I totally know what you mean about one-half of a person. I worked at a museum where I played several roles before taking on my business full time. What type of foundations do you like to work with?


Thanks Jeremy! I’d say 70% of my clients are the “one-half a person” comms department. The struggle is totally real when you were so many hats. (Also, ooooh, museums. I’ve got a local museum on my “wish list” client list for 2023!)

I don’t have any one type that I specialize in at the moment. I’ve got a Hospital Foundation, a Library Foundation, a Community Arts Foundation and an affordable housing organization that (for all intents and purposes) acts more like a Foundation than a typical nonprofit. Probably the thread between all of them is that instead of being big foundations based in large cities (with the big money attached to them) they are all based in small-to-midsized towns/cities. The rules are different in Council Bluffs, Iowa (for example), than they are in Chicago, and I find that sort of challenge really fun.

I also like that we can act in a support role from a comms & social standpoint for programs that they fund. My goal over the next year is to add a few more Foundations to my roster, but the minute I say that, another totally different nonprofit will land in my lap. :rofl:

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