Instagram says they rebalanced reach - did you notice?

Our favorite person Adam Mosseri says that they have rebalanced reach on Instagram for video and photos. They admit they might have gone a little bit too far when it came to priorities and believe the change will help.

Have you noticed any differences on your accounts?

Personally I think I’ve gotten a bit more reach from my photos but I also don’t do a lot of Instagram for my content.


I’m terrible at posting on my gram😂 Mostly stories but hadn’t noticed much change. I had some clients with very noticeable drop which does seem to be picking up again - just watching to see


At least its heading in the right direction for your clients! I definitely understand about the struggle of posting on the gram haha

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Honestly, I take what platforms say with a grain of salt overall. The brands my agency work with have not seen any (major) dips or increases. They are either growing as they should or on pace to be on track with what they normally see as far as content performance based on the KPI’s were looking to achieve.

It has always been and continues to be all about the content their audience wants to see and engage with. Whether that’s videos, reels, photos, carousels, or whatever. I’m a hard facts/data person. If I see the numbers, I believe the numbers. I don’t care who says what from whatever platform. The audiences dictate, to a certain extent, the content types we run with for any given brand.

This comes full circle (to me) when people/brands end up chasing trends instead of implementing a strategy based on data and not trends. Yes. Trends can be beneficial at times, but if it’s so far off of their [th brand’s] voice, it can be off-putting to an audience. That’s where many begin to blame platforms and algorithms when it’s really neither’s fault.


For sure. Brands definitely have to be careful how much they chase trends. Are all your brands in the same industry that could be a factor in the overall steadiness of reach and engagement? Or do they all fit in different industries?


As of right now, we work with brands in industries across the board. Restaurants, transportation, home entertainment, medical, hospitality, insurance, etc. So there’s not one industry specifically we work with.

It’s more just watching the data from month-to-month and making adjustments to content based on the data. Math never lies :grin: :grin: Listening to their audiences has always proven to be the best measuring stick of what needs to happen to their overall strategy, especially when it comes to adjusting content based on the data we track.


I will say that one of my clients in the UK has seen a huge hit on their Instagram reels. Their photo content tends to be the same.

However, on the Wholesome Media photos and reels we have been getting more reach. It’s really weird the way it’s working.

I am also curious now to see if this audio over photo feature will enhance reach for pages. Did you see that launch?


No idea what you were talking about Jeremy! Interesting.

Here’s the link for others who are curious (and want to know how to do it):

I do wonder what the point of that is though, because once you add music would it convert it to video per se? Is it to stop the “reels” that are 1 pic with audio?

They give you songs to choose from so are those copyright free or could you get yourself in trouble? From the guide it doesn’t seem like you can upload your own audio (which is fair enough).

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