🚨 Instagram revels new ways to create content ... are you excited?

Instagram just revealed a BIG list of new tools + features for reels, feed photos, carousels and stories.

What are you most excited about? How will it help you?

:sparkles: New stuff :sparkles:

  • Undo and redo for editing clips
  • New ‘Media Clip Hub’ so you can make new memes by adding clips with audio to your reels
  • 10 new text-to-speech voices
  • 6 new fonts and text styles
  • Custom sticker creator from your videos/photos – turn any photo into a custom sticker
  • New photo filters
  • New Insights for ‘Replays’
  • New interactive video view retention chart
  • Ability to search and zoom when adding photos/videos from your camera roll
  • New streamlined view for saved drafts
  • You’ll soon be able to preview your drafts, rename them, and schedule them in advance
  • New way to find stuff on your camera roll with better previews and zoom and search

:tada: Notice the outline text support in the reels text tool :tada:

Read the details here

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Big news is they are going to count replays of reels!

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I’m excited for when mine and my client accounts get these updates but still waiting on some from 6 months ago! Have you had a chance to play with them yet?

grrr…I really want the sticker option but my IG game is pretty weak so I can’t tell if I have it or not. In any case…I can’t figure out how to do it yet.

I must say that I am very excited for these new features. I do a lot of my editing in TikTok and then save the video and post to Instagram because the editing features just aren’t up to par in Instagram. However, with these new features launching, it might be the other way around for me. We will have to wait and see!

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Hello everyone, can you share here if you have a favorite Youtube channel that gives tutorials on how to use new features on Instagram? I learn mostly from videos on Youtube.

@artdragon Let’s check with our @Instagram_Experts to see if they have channels.

I think you’ll find the latest news about Instagram features on Instagram.

Jenn Herman

Corey Walker

Stickers look amazing. I just need to find some time to play with them

Got it, thank you for the suggestion