🚨 Instagram reacts to new feed responses....WHAT?

H/T @jenn for posting The Verge interview with Adam Mosseri
Will Instagram really pull back??
Did Instagram really listen to the people??
Will a small creator really be able to break through the noise?

What do you think?

Did you know this?
“More photos and videos are shared in DMs in a day, then are shared into stories. And more photos and videos are shared into stories in a day than are shared to feed.”

What about this statement…
“For the new feed designs, people are frustrated, and the usage data isn’t great. I think there we need to take a big step back, regroup, and figure out how we want to move forward.”


I have a completely crazy suggestion for how they can “regroup, and figure out how [they] want to move forward”:

A feed full of photos, in chronological order, that prioritizes accounts you follow.


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totally agree! Also like Manu from Your Social Team’s ideas


Ooo I love this post! I did notice over the weekend that my scrolling experience went back to the old way of scrolling instead of the full-screen TikTok-like experience. MUCH BETTER. Let IG be IG.