Instagram Reach Question/Help

I’m not the best at Instagram by any means, and I’m curious as to how to grow better on it.

My content is doing well, if it reaches anybody.

I don’t have a big following right now, 67 probably dormant people since I stopped posting for a while.

My posts on average get 10-14 reach per post. They do decent (in my opinion), they get 40% engagement or more.

So on my latest post that got a reach of 12, 10 accounts interacted/engaged (9 likes and 1 comment I assume). That’s a 83% engagement rate, why is Instagram not pushing out my content more?


Thanks for sharing, @eternalkaz!

Any ideas, @Instagram_Experts?

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So there are a few things going on here.

  1. You said you stopped posting for a while. It takes a minute to have IG realize you’re back in action vs. just a few posts and done. Once you get into a better consistency with posting, that should help.
  2. One post getting 83% is great, and not even typical on IG these days. There’s a lot of competition for views. With a small following, they likely aren’t going to prioritize pushing you out to the masses just yet.
  3. This time of year is somewhat of a dead zone. You have advertisers spending tons of money (that stopped last week once Christmas was over) and people spending more time offline enjoying the holidays. There’s simply fewer people online right now.

Your best course of action is to get more consistent with posting, start sprinkling in more reels and carousel posts, and go out to other accounts to engage. Once your following and engagement starts growing, you’ll see a bigger push of your content. I hope that helps!


Yeah, I gotta consider that I may post somewhat regularly, but at times could be weeks in between. I think I can sprinkle some carousels in there!

I’m still iffy on reels, lol. Recently the thought of being on camera has been a bit exhausting for some reason.

But you’re right, the season may also play a part. I have seen some growth I feel… averaging 1-2 likes per post and now it’s closer to a normal of 5-7 :slight_smile:

Thank you Corey.


Great! Keep at it! And regarding reels, I know this time of year is tough to get in the mood for those. I haven’t been doing as many right now either. You could try just doing some with stock video in the background and a tweet overlay vs showing your face if that seems more do-able right now. The carousels are performing well now too.


Hey @eternalkaz!

I think @coreycwalker gave you some great advice. I agree that you just need to keep posting and gaining back that consistency. Remember that not all of your followers will see your posts. One trick I have used that works well is to go engage on THEIR posts some so that I can get back on their radar.

Reels are a great way to have your content shown to people that are not yet your followers. This is where I have seen the biggest growth. They don’t have to be fancy. Write down a list of topics that someone who has no clue who you are needs to know and start recording. I like to just record myself talking where I share insight on one topic per video. You could also use something like Canva to create several images that you can merge together into short reel with your voice over or music to get your point across. Either way… the key is to do what you can do consistently.

Good luck!


Thank you Lori!! Yes, maybe I will go and engage on their posts to get back on their radar. Most of my posts are shown to others (90%+) that are not my followers.

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Don’t feel exhausted on reels. Remind yourself why you are creating the content you are creating. If it seems to be exhausting and tiresome then don’t create it! You want to create what you love to create and brings you the most joy.

Creating should be fun. Keep that in mind.