Instagram login troubles

I have logged out of my desktop Instagram, wanting to re-set the password, and now every way I try to get to the password reset page, I get the response -

Please wait a few minutes before trying again.

I have had this for about 3 days, waiting minutes, overnight and most recently for over 24 hours before trying again.

I do have two-factor authentication in place and I am still logged in on my phone.

Background - I am in Australia, one of our largest phone companies had all their customer data stolen, including mine. I have been hyper vigilant, and saw in my iPhone that my Instagram password has appeared in a data leak. Which is why I started the process of changing it.

Has anyone exprienced this error &/or has anyone got any tips on how I can reset my password?

Thanks Rick


That’s so annoying, Rick! I feel like Meta products always do that to me…I try to do things the right way and then there’s a bug on their end…
@Instagram_Experts can anyone give Rick any suggestions to try?

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Hi Rick,
I’ve had some problems with getting back in too, and they just want to send me a code to get back in. Frustrating! I too am still logged in on my phone. What you can try doing on your phone is going to Settings>Help>Report a Problem. They will ask you to shake your phone to show them where your problem was - ignore that and tap Report Problem without Shaking and then type out the issue with getting on desktop to see if they will get back to you. No guarantees, but this might help!! Good luck!

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Thanks Christine & Corey

Soon after trying from my daughters phone and computer (in a different location) and having the same problem, Instagram sent a message along the lines that I reported an unauthorised password reset, with a link to change my password.

I was able to change the password on my phone (went through my two-factor), but I continued to have the same problem on my computer.

So I waited more than 24 hours, and was able to login on my computer with the new password.

I fear that was a close call!