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Question to the SMP familia…

I am on the verge of bringing on a new client who is a Housing and Neighborhood Development office within the city in which I live. Our initial proposal to them (which they want to implement) is to put together and post consistent weekly content on their FB page. It will include posts, FB events, and general engagement with inquiries.
They have come back to me and asked to include some advertising each month for some of the specific programs they are offering, but also to promote events they may be involved in.
My contact feels like there may be some restrictions on “advertising”, though, since they are part of a government (local) entity.
Has anyone out there had experience working with a government office (local, state, other) and dealt with restrictions/rules like this with the FB ad manager tools? If I need to be more explicit in my details and or question here, please let me know.


Hi @cowboss This is what Meta stats about those types of Ads, and you HAVE To check the box that says ‘Special Ad Category’:

Social issues, elections or politics: Ads made by, on behalf of, or about a candidate for public office, a political figure, a political party or advocates for the outcome of an election to public office. Or, about any election, referendum, or ballot initiative, including “go out and vote” election campaigns. Ads regulated as political advertising. About social issues in any place where the ad is being placed.

Social issues are sensitive topics that are heavily debated, may influence the outcome of an election or result in/relate to existing or proposed legislation. Ads about social issues seek to influence public opinion through discussion, debate or advocacy for or against important topics, like health and civil and social rights.

You can find out more here from Meta: Choosing a Special ad category | Meta Business Help Centre


Well, you have to choose the Special ad categories because you are dealing with housing, if I’m not mistaken.

Another thing is to get identified to run Ads dealing with polítics. In this case you need to send your id to Facebook and wait for approval. The same happens if you run Ads dealing with social issues (environment, climate change, starvation in the world…).

If you just run ads dealing with housing you just select special ad category: housing. Period. No id needed.


Thank you!

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Thank you! I will look into that even further, but that seems to be going in the right direction. I am waiting on a phone call from someone else I have done work for who is in an office down the hall from my prospect, who may have had some past experience in this. Thanks again!!!