Influencer Marketing Tools

Our agency is looking around for an awesome Influencer Marketing tool, for everything from global brands down to our local airport. Is your agency using an influencer marketing tool? If so, what are the best things about it, but also, what do you wish it provided that is lacking?


@jencoleict I’m going to tag @mike.allton to see if he has a recommendation!


Sweet! Thanks Deb! :smiley:

I was literally looking at this 5 mins ago @jencoleict 20 Best Platforms to Find YouTube Influencers in 2023

Oh awesome! That’s super helpful. Thank you! :smiley:

Hey Jen! Can you share some specific features that you’re looking for? We use FirstPromoter at Agorapulse, as you may recall. I’ve also used Onalytica, PartnerStack, and others, depending on the need. I actually like FirstPromoter a lot for tracking, but it lacks any kind of influencer research or campaign management, so your needs may vary.


That’s awesome, Mike. Thanks so much for sharing. We haven’t really defined exactly what we’re looking for, just gathering research to see what’s out there and the cool things that each item offers. We’ll add those to our list to check out! Thanks again so much. :smiley:

@jencoleict where did you land for a Influencer Marketing tool?

SARAL is the influencer marketing tool that I’m using for my upcoming book launch. You can find influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. PLUS, they have a built-in email system to keep track of outreach.

Here are a few benefits:
🕵🏻‍♀️ Start by browsing profiles through SARAL’s Google Chrome extension. As you cruise Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, detailed metrics on each creator pop up automatically. No more guesswork - these insights provide a crystal clear picture of engagement and fit.

🗺 But metrics are just the start. Where regular platforms stop at hashtags, SARAL utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver location-based, demographic and interest-aligned influencers. Refine results further with filters for influence size, activity and more.

👥 Tired of one-size-fits-all collabs? SARAL thinks outside the box with features like ‘My Customers Follow’ and ‘My Customers Also Buy’. Identify influencers with audiences that already align with your brand. It’s like cloning successful partnerships - but easier.

👀 Scroll through lookalike profiles of your favorite influencers to find affordable dupes. Or take inspiration from top creators in your industry. With SARAL, Discovery becomes effortless.