IG Reels Music: Trending or Match the Video [poll] [Camp Space Friend]

What do you do? Find trending music and pick that or do you find something related to the video and use that?

  • Trending music all the way!
  • I’m always looking for the perfect music to match the video

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Sometimes a trending audio fits the bill, but I mostly want to create a reel that makes sense and that means finindg the perfect audio for it - instead of the other way around. but that’s just me :slight_smile: Being a former songwriter and entertainer I tend to fall into those skills for IG reels.


Since I do a lot of lip synch videos, I will often find an audio piece I like, then see how I can fit it to entertain my audience.


Since I’m newer to Reels (did a big batch a few months ago and have barely touched them since!), I just started with trending sounds—BUT—I was a bit behind on the trends, so though they were still “trending,” I don’t think they were very trendy anymore by the time I hit them!


I tend to do a little of both. I just found an AI tool that allows you to create your own music, so I’ll play around with it for a while. I’d like to have my own music. (A few of my Reels had music that was taken off for copyright infringement) So I had to archive those.


I almost feel like using trending audio just for the sake of it being trending is the new version of hashtag-jacking… I mean if it’s relevant, by all means. But if it’s a bit of a stretch, I think the better way to go is to find audio that just really makes more sense. It’s genuine.

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i was just watching a video tutorial on this – VERY cool. The songwriter in me is actually very interested in playing with this @greatpromos