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Hi All!

I have a client whose Instagram exists (@shorefrontinvestments) but I’m unable to log in as my client can’t remember their password. I’ve tried all of their standard passwords they use, to no avail. I tried to reset the password but I receive the error message “Username not found”. If I use their email or phone number, same thing "email not found’ or “phone number not found”. It’s still linked to our scheduling software (MetriCool) and is launching content, I just can’t log in.

Anyone else faced this? Any solutions?

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I wonder what our @Instagram_Experts will say.

At this point Maura you may have tried so many passwords and resets that it’s potentially locked out the account.

If possible (and I know its difficult) try and get help from Instagram.

Also maybe give it 24hrs before trying to change passwords again. I was able to find the account as well, so its definitely there.

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I had a feeling that might have been the case so I’ve been letting it “cool off” for a few days before trying again.

Glad you’re able to see it! Nice to have some reassurance that I’m not crazy, haha.

I did try chatting with my Meta rep but unfortunately, they just gave me Instagram help links which obviously didn’t help much.

Hoping the @Instagram_Experts can weigh in!


Any update on this @mhannum

I actually just went through this as well. We decided to create a new IG account because she couldn’t figure it out.

It was an easy call because the established audience wasn’t very impressive and she’d never been intentional about IG.


Welcome to the community Susan and thank you for sharing your experience!

I do wonder sometimes if its just easier to start over with a new account to feed into Insta vs an established but unused account.

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Hi @susan.graeser,

I’m glad yiu were in a position to set up a fresh new account for your client. This is definitely the quickest solution in your situation and you can start the account with a conscious growth strategy from the offset.

Instagram mistakenly deleted one of my accounts a few years back when I wanted to close a different temporary client account instead.

I had zero luck (surprise surprise) going through the correct channels via the dedicated Help section for account holders.

I then attempted to contact various Facebook contacts I had made over the years. They too, were unable to recover the deleted account on my behalf.

It is incredibly frustrating that a company the size of Meta is unable to provide a dedicated customer support service that isn’t restricted by automated bot responses.

That’s said, I hope you manage to get your new account firing on all cylinders in no time and reaching record engagement and reach metrics soon.



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Hey all,

No update so far. I’ve gone back to try and reset the Instagram password and got a bit further, it asked to confirm the phone number attached (which was the correct one!) but alas, no confirmation code/text is ever received.

Still working on it, to some mild frustration.

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thanks for your input…Rax! Great to see you posting at SMP!

I have this issue sometimes too with the phone number. I think it’s my network blocking it so maybe worth talking to your mobile service provider.

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