If you could run any social account...what would it be?

Dream big…what social account would you love to run? Share why too!

If it’s a cool account, share the link below so we can all dream about running it!


I’d love to run an account in Hawaii or at the beach!! But I am totally obsessed with THE HOME EDIT ® (@thehomeedit) • Instagram photos and videos

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Definitely a gaming brand, something like Elgato or maybe Microcenter.

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There’s a company called Julio’s out of Del Rio, Texas that has iconic and amazing corn chips, taco shells, salsa, seasoning, and other food products. They have a wonderful history and a really strong in-store brand recognition in the state of Texas.

However, they don’t do online very well. I just know that they would have a cult following in the digital world.

I would absolutely love to run their social media accounts. I think Twitter would be fun and snarky with some Texas slang, but Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok would be game changers for them.

They have two accounts on Twitter. The first was opened in 2016 and just has one tweet.


The second (below) is more recent, but it seems they just post the same content across multiple platforms. I’d love to get some differentiation going on, focused on how people actually consume content differently on those apps.



LOVE that you’ve got a strategy in mind! :taco:


It would have to be Patagonia - They have such good potential for storytelling in their entire supplychain to sales to retail to post sales.

I would love to run social for a sports team or a university!

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