I presume these are spam?

Hi All

I’m presuming these are spam and should be ignored? Rx

I’d definitely see those as spam, yeah. Fairly certain they would not message you thru fb messenger and those links are definitely spam looking.

You can also see they had sentence errors with “your fanpage is restricted from accessing.” - accessing what? etc. The whole 24hr thing is to get urgency from you to click the link.

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I thought so too, just wanted to double check. Many thanks for the swift reply. Rx


These are getting so frequent, it’s just annoying wading through all the notification :frowning:

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Yes, we’ve been getting several per day for months on client accounts. I just ban them in AP and ignore them.

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Thanks @KiraShaw

What are they actually about? What do people get from sending them, does anybody even know? Rx

I agree @amanda1, very annoying. Rx

Access to the account. Usually the links will send you a login page where you put your credentials in and then they take over the account, changing whatever they need to keep you out.

I get them EVERY DAY.

But why, what’s the benefit? Is it just to sell their products to a new audience because sometimes nothing seems to happen other than they have control! I don’t really get it!

@scsnd0811 annoying isn’t it. Rx

Yes, Kaz is right. Definitely best to ignore and report but ignoring is fine as there are so many every day!

They can use it to scam your customers, or they ask you for payment to get your account back. They could message all your customers with a link offering 50% off but it’s really malware and now it’s affected all your customers and your reputation takes a hit, etc etc.

It’s not really targeted, it’s more likely bots in a server sending out messages to anything they can and see who bites but the person behind it is not personally sending you messages, usually.