🎥 How Topgolf Skyrocketed to 1M+ Followers 🚀 🚀 🚀

Ever wondered how to amass over a MILLION followers on social media? That’s what we find out in our first episode of Confessions of a Social Media Manager, where we unravel the strategies behind Topgolf’s digital success story.

Join Erinn from Agorapulse as she chats with Connor, the social media lead at Topgolf. Discover how a sports radio background, a flair for content creation, and a sprinkle of chaos shaped Connor’s journey to managing Topgolf’s thriving social media presence.

:eyes: What’s In The Video:
00:00 The Topgolf Social Media Phenomenon
02:05 Behind the Scenes: Daily Life of a Social Media Lead
04:10 Key Advice for Aspiring Social Media Managers
09:16 Balancing Work and Life in the Digital World
13:39 Exciting Campaigns and Strategy Insights
19:37 Measuring Success in Social Media Campaigns
24:23 Organic vs. Paid Social Media Strategy
30:35 The Evolution of a Social Media Strategy
38:25 Future Trends in Social Media for Leisure Industry

Connor’s story is a goldmine of insights and inspiration for anyone looking to grow their following on social media.