How to grow from 0 your SM

Hi everyone!

I’ve worked as a Social Media Specialist for a while now but it’s the first time I encounter a problem. That is: I’ve been given an Instagram & Twitter account with 0 followings, new, just created.

The questions arises. How do you start from the very beginning? How do you get followers?

I could keep on creating posts, but to no avail. No one sees them, since no one follows the accounts.
Do you have some strategies for this? Have you ever started from 0?

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Definitely here to hear about how you can grow an instagram account in 2022 with 0 followings lol.

As for Twitter, it’s more engaging in other content vs posting your own. The views you’ll get from commenting and liking etc from the target community will be greater than you creating posts on your own at the beginning follower stage. Unless you post ads or promote your tweets all the time.

That doesn’t mean not post your own posts because people need to have tweets to look at when they go check your profile, also twitter may still push your post out there if it falls under a certain tag.


what type of accounts are they @trifan_andreea_renata?

Feel free to add the accounts to your post here!


The accounts are for NFT & Crypto projects. However the fact that I work for them is kept confidential so I will not reveal the accounts here.
I do use keywords in the profile description and in my posts + hashtags, but until now, no results.


One great way to grow on Twitter is to research and participate in industry relative Twitter Chats. Not only will you see/find others in that space, your account will become known to those accounts/people as well. Twitter Chats are very engaging and can lead to growth on the platform.

Also, with posting content on Twitter, you have to remember the average life span of content on the platform is like 10 minutes or even less. The brands we work with that are on Twitter, we post nine pieces of content every day.

Now this isn’t nine “unique” pieces of content. What we do since the lifespan is so short, is to create three unique pieces of content, and then schedule those at three different strategic times throughout the day. It may look something like this:

Post 1 - 11:00am
Post 2- 12:00pm
Post 3 - 1:00pm

Post 1.2 - 5:00pm
Post 2.2 - 6:00pm
Post 3.2 - 7:00pm

Post 1.3 - 9:00pm
Post 2.3 - 10:00pm
Post 3.3 - 11:00pm

All times in this example would be eastern time, but the latter times will also be more visible for those followers on the West coast as well.


Hi, Hope this helps. I’ve helped a few clients - and have started some new for my own purpose.

Here are some recommendations for Instagram. I’m not all that in to twitter.
Yes. The biggest problem is that you can post - but ppl may not find you. I’ve also found that relying on hashtags isn’t going to work. That’s good for “search” but not always great for discovery- especially when you are starting from 0.

  • Start by slowly (not all at once in one day) following other accounts. I think I read that this is NFT related - so, you could start by finding a few other accounts in related NFT space (maybe you have contacts??) and follow a few of those (maybe start with 10 a day). By following ppl it opens up for them to follow you.
  • Next start engaging with those you are following. When they see you engaging (liking or commenting) this will get you on their radar. They may follow you (if they haven’t already) and the more you engage in a positive way, they may engage back. Also other ppl who engage may see your comments and then start engaging with you as well which opens you up to more people seeing you etc.
  • Here is a biggie. Look at the content you are or plan to share. See if there is an opportunity where you can involve other ppl in your posts. Either by featuring their content or tagging them for their input or involvement. This is partly like collaborating but also think of it like a spotlight or “feature” in a way.
  • Also look at connections to the company. Are there other employees, other past projects or company contact connections you can reach out to? Always start with who you know. It’s a great way to get from 0-25 - then 25- 50 - then 50 - 100 …etc.

Hope this helps.


Loving the discussion…I’m turning this into a formal “Let’s Chat” post!