How To Get Paid For Influencer Deals (Bri Seeley)

Bri Seeley

Paid influencer deals can seem like a unicorn, a rarity that only happens for the luckiest of brands. The truth is, they are more common than you would think—and you can add this revenue stream into your business with a few key steps.

Start with your audience

In order to secure paid influencer deals, you will need to provide value to the brand. The first thing a brand is going to look at when considering you for an influencer deal is your audience. While size can matter in this instance, you will also want to consider the engagement of your audience. Most brands want the visibility, but more than anything they want your audience to take action.

Any paying brand is going to ask for your numbers (both following and engagement) before, during, and after the campaign. You want to make sure that you’re focused on not only providing great content, but also encouraging your audience to comment on and share your content.

Your action: Ensure you are devoting time and energy into growing your audience and encouraging their engagement.

Find aligned brands

You don’t want to partner with just any brand when you’re agreeing to influencer partnerships. The reason is because you will lose trust with your audience and become known for partnering with anyone who will pay you, regardless of if they’re aligned or not.

The point of partnering with brands is to provide solutions and resources your audience is likely to need. You want to partner with brands that your audience will see value in so they act on your content when you post an influencer partnership.

Your action: Start by making a list of the problems your audience faces and list the businesses who provide the solutions you would already recommend. You could also list brands and businesses that you are a raving fan of and would promote even without getting paid.

Reach out with your value

At a certain point, brands will begin reaching out to you—but until that time happens, it is up to you to pitch yourself to let brands know you exist and that you can provide value to them. For reference, I had my Instagram for 10 years before a brand with a budget reached out to me. Prior to that time, the brand deals happened as a result of my proactive outreach.

In order to show your value for a potential brand deal, you will want to develop a media kit. The point of this is to communicate the values and impact of your brand, as well as the demographics of your audience. This kit should give a company the information they need to decide if a paid partnership with you will provide them a return on investment.

Your action: Craft an email outreach to the head of partnerships for each brand you listed in the previous section. Be complimentary of their business, and shamelessly share the value you can provide them with an influencer deal. Make sure you end the email with a clear request for action that inspires them to take the next step.

If you are ready to start getting paid for influencer marketing, follow the tips above to ignite this revenue stream in your business. It can be a lucrative revenue stream for you, a huge value add for other businesses, and enable you to provide your audience with effective solutions to their problems.

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