How To Get More Engagement On Your LinkedIn Posts (Viveka von Rosen)

Viveka von Rosen

Here are a few ways that you can get more visibility on your content on LinkedIn:

1. Featured content

The first thing is pretty easy: any content that you want more visibility on, simply put in the Featured section. Anytime someone goes to your profile, they will see that content.

It is not one and done. It’s very easy to add a link to content you have somewhere else, such as TikTok, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, or your blog; you can upload media, but it needs to be a small file. You can also add any posts, articles, or newsletters that you’ve already shared here.

Showcase that content in your featured section to let your audience know what you do and how you can help them as a community manager or social media manager.

2. Carousels

Carousels are a relatively new feature on LinkedIn. If you go to LinkedIn right here to your home page–it’s on desktop right now, I’m sure it’ll be popping into mobile–you’ll see this Carousel option. What that allows you to do is upload images and or videos to create kind of like an autoplay presentation.

Why is this good? First of all, it’s new–and any time you share something new on LinkedIn, LinkedIn likes it. They have their new toy, they want you showing people their new toy, so they’re going to give it a little bit more visibility. But also it will help to grab the human eye.

You can see here the second image is a video. Once that video’s done, it’s going to go to another video. Once that video’s done playing, it’s going to go to another video. And with this, I’ve actually created a presentation for the opening of my book. So if you’ve got a presentation that you’ve done that really helps to drive new clients, if you are a speaker, or you do any kind of online anything, consider taking that presentation, doing some screenshots of some of the slides, wrap it in a little bit with some video of you talking, and pull it together into a new presentation that you can add into this LinkedIn carousel. It’s like what they’ve been doing on TikTok and Instagram stories forever, but now it’s on LinkedIn. It’s a little bit of work, but again, because it’s relatively new, it’s getting a fair amount of visibility and engagement.

3. PVC methodology

Use PVC methodology when creating your posts. This is for all posts everywhere all the time.

P: Personalized to your audience

As a community manager, as a social media manager, you have a very specific audience. You want to visualize that audience whenever you write content for them. So personalize to the buyer persona, speak in their voice, share content that’s relevant to them.

V: Value

Add value. You know you know what your audience’s points of pain are, that they don’t have time to run their own communities–so address that fact and how you can help them. How do you add value? What else is a value? That carousel or the link or the YouTube or the blog post or the infographic or whatever you’ve added adds media to your.

C: Call to action

Always ask them to do something: click here, let me know what you think, share your best example below. Let me know if you need help and comments below. You always want to put that CTA in there.

4. Link sticker

This one is on mobile only right now, but I’m sure it’ll come to a desktop too, soon–you can add a link right onto your image. So it’s like tagging, but with a hyperlink.

Again, what you’ve been able to do on Instagram for ages: a link right onto your image, and people can pop on it.

What I like about this is it takes them right to the link. There’s only a few places where LinkedIn will let you go right to a link without popping up that ”Are you sure you want to leave LinkedIn” screen? The first one is on your profile, the second one is in the image on a photo that you just shared on LinkedIn.

5. Consistency

You’ve got to be consistent about sharing your content every day on LinkedIn as well as your other platforms. (Fortunately, there’s really good tools out there like Agorapulse that can help you with that!)

Viveka von Rosen @viveka
I am the Co-Founder and Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso Known as the @LinkedInExpert, I also helped create, an auto text expander and virtual writing assistant. (on steroids!)

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@viveka Right on! Great advice and great engagement tips. I am doing all of the things and it’s paying off. I’ve grown my followers consistently in the last few months, keeping track of when I gain the most. that is when I a tagged and mentioned by other - in an article or post. So once per month I try to do that myself and tag some friend in a solid post. It seems to really help my expand my network and engagement.

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Love that @dorien !

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Working on so many LinkedIn campaigns for clients leaves me feeling a bit ‘flat’ when it comes to posting on my own personal profile. It’s as though I’ve used up all my ‘LinkedIn-ness’ by the time I get to me. Is that something you can resonate with?

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Yes @joanna1, this is absolutely a thing that social media managers feel. but there is a simple solution - that needs a new habit - and that’s to do your personal social media first. Putting yourself first in your work flow is a better habit to develop. Give yourself a personal challenge to do it for one week –


My New Year’s Resolution right here!! You’re absolutely right @phylliskhare :+1: Doing this for 2023!



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