How to Get a Win by the End of the Year (Debra Eckerling)

Debra Eckerling

Great news! There are 3 months left until the end of the year. That means there’s plenty of time to accomplish your 2023 goals.

Here are 7 steps to get a win by the end of the year.

  1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments. Before you take a fresh look at your goals - and go down a rabbit hole with everything you have not done - list out your wins for the year. Did you start a blog, podcast, or video series? Did you write a book, create a course, or design a spectacular social media campaign? Good for you. Allow that productive feeling to stay with you, as you figure out what’s next.

  2. Take a Time Inventory. Look at your calendar and see what big responsibilities are headed your way. Whether you have a big project for work or family coming to town for the holidays, not all of your time will be your own. Keep that in mind when setting your year-end goals. That being said, if the big work project for work IS your goal, read on.

  3. List Your Goals. Start by writing out three personal and three professional goals you would like to accomplish by the end of the year. It’s always good to have easy goals (so you can check them off of your list) and reach goals (that will move you forward personally and or professionally). Again, look at your availability - if you only have time to reach one or two goals, then only set that amount. The key to achieving goals is to set yourself up for success. Once you have your list or priority goals, put it in places you will look at regularly. Keep your eye on the prize.

  4. Map Out Action Items. For every goal on your list, brainstorm everything you need to do to accomplish it. Let’s say you want to launch a new podcast, series, or course. Write out everything that needs to be done from naming and branding to creating and sharing content. Perhaps you want to expand your network. Then make a list of in-person and online events and activities that will help you accomplish that goal.

  5. Set Ongoing Appointments. Look at your calendar and set aside time to work toward your goals. If you can make regular appointments - the same time each day or each week - excellent. If your schedule regularly changes, put a placeholder time on your calendar and give yourself permission to move the appointments. Just do not delete them. Treat your goal time with as much respect as you would an appointment you have with someone else.

  6. Track Your Progress. Keep a log of everything you accomplish during your goal appointments. I like to create a Google document for this, called a “Win List,” so it’s accessible from all of my devices. Tracking your action items keeps you organized. Plus, when it feels like it’s taking too long to reach your goal, you can see all you have accomplished. This will keep you motivated to keep going and get to the finish line.

  7. Reward Yourself. Accomplishing your goals is a win in and of itself. However, if you want to give yourself treats for a job well-done, go ahead. You deserved it!

Whether your focus is on personal or professional goals, finish out the year on a high note. And
let those wins propel you into a happy and successful 2024.

Debra Eckerling @deckerling
Goal-Setting Expert, Virtual Speaker

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