How many versions is optimal when A/B testing Facebook ads

A/B testing ads and quality feedback

I am working with a client and his facebook ads guy is suggesting we run an A/B test with 3 videos to test. I thought A/B was two LOL - he also said even 4 would be OK

When doing A/B tests at launch to a lookalike audience is doing more than 2 A/B tests worth it?

thank you for any insights

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I think A/B testing is just two. Since its the same thing with 1 variable changed… but you CAN do up to 4 according to this website optimizely (linked below), but it’s not A/B at that point but A/B/C/D :slight_smile:

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Hi @jessica512allen thanks for bringing your question here. I’ll tag @Facebook_Ads_Experts to see if we can get them to weigh in too. Great to have you here.

BTW in September we are doing an entire mission on ads.

Kaz is absolutely right.


Are you trying to test the audience or the videos?

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Agree. If they only have 2 or 3 options for creative I’d recommend just putting them in the same ad set and let the algorithm choose. Is there another reason they wanted a specific sort of A/B test?

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testing the ad creative… great question :slight_smile:

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