How many of you would do due diligence if offered a sponsorship deal?

Things in the Youtube creator world have gone incredibly topsy-turvey. A recent video exposed a sponsor that major creators promote as nothing more than a scam to free people of their money.

How many of you who work with creators do deep due diligence on any sponsorship offer? I do it regularly and have even recommended that a sponsorship offer be rejected merely on a gut feeling


I think you should do as much research as you can prior to accepting sponsorships, but sometimes it’s out of your realm of expert knowledge. In this case, some research may have warned the creators that it was probably not real (especially the lord/lady title thing was weird in terms of across nations?). Muta thought it was just a novelty/gag gift, I don’t know about the others.

More importantly I think is how you handle the situation afterwards. You take responsibility and learn from the experience.

Definitely not the first time something like this has happened and not the last.

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This is how creator Cleetus McFarland (Garrett Mitchell) handled the situation Our BLOWN Blazer Attempts Mid 8 Second Runs With NEW Upgrades... It Ends TERRIBLY! (Try #2) - YouTube

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Sorry I’m a bit confused on the car thing. Do you mean because he reposted the video without the sponsor on it?

This is how Mutahar handled it: I Got Called Out... - YouTube
A Deep Dive Into Established Titles... - YouTube

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He set the old video to private and uploaded a re-edited version

The issue has got worse.

Not sure if that is the correct way to really address the situation in terms of admitting making a mistake. More like throwing it under the rug and hope for the best. Maybe that’s what works for his audience, idk.

In terms of Established Titles, they also need to admit their mistake of not being clear enough and their marketing being too vague and misleading.