How I Got Our Brand TikTok to 1M+ Views (Bari Rosenstein)

Bari Rosenstein

1. Consistency

TikTok wants you to fuel their engine. It wants you to create content and post as much as you can! For Auntie Anne’s we try to post every other day!

Your fans want you to show up and give them entertaining content, so be consistent. Whether that is starting slow like posting once a week or even getting aggressive and posting 2-3x a day! Pick a cadence that works for you and stick to it!

2. Content trends on our page

Once you create content, you will be able to analyze certain trends on your page. For instance, I know that Auntie Anne’s followers love Cinnamon Sugar…so I post Cinnamon Sugar! I know that they also love seeing pretzels being rolled…so I post that!

You can learn a lot about how people perceive your brand in your comments, so pay attention!

3. TikTok Trends

This is a no brainer, but staying up-to-date on Tik Tok trends and being nimble is key. The Corn Kid is a great example of being nimble and willing to partake in a trend that may not have anything to do with your brand! For example, we made a pretzel with corn!

Another pain point I notice is that people don’t know how to turn trends into something that makes sense for their brand. Note, you don’t need to dance to be noticed! Use songs on videos that you would normally post on your feed.

4. Not being afraid to fail

This is why TikTok is great…you can fail just as much as you can succeed and it’s okay!

Posting a TikTok that doesn’t get a lot of views is no biggie! Let it marinate on the app and maybe it’ll catch some later views. You never know who is watching!

5. Have fun!

TikTok is meant to be imperfect, so treat it as such. People are posting videos of themselves in their bathrooms…so why are you afraid to post your TikToks in your drafts?

People go to TikTok for authenticity and not for perfection.

Bari Rosenstein
Social Media Manager, Auntie Anne’s + Jamba at Focus Brands LLC

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