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Hey everyone,

I’m Anna, I’m a Digital Content Manager at Companies House (a UK government organisation that registers company information) where I lead on all our social media content.

Previously I worked for the BBC on the Doctor Who Twitter and Instagram accounts and as you can imagine the content I’m working on now is very different.

It’s a real challenge to create content about companies filing their accounts on time that people want to engage with. I’m keen to meet people with similar challenges so that we can learn from each other.

I live in Cardiff, Wales in the UK.


Hi Anna!!! Glad you joined us! Looking forward to gathering lots of government people to this spot so we can have some interesting conversations!

Hey, I’m Audrey from Metro Manila, Philippines.

I’m a social media manager/strategist for a local government unit in our place. Part of our job is improving the channel for information dissemination through visual content.

Excited to meet and learn from fellow members who are also involved with the government. :blush: