Hotel Marketing

Anyone here work with hotels? Just looking for someone to bounce things off of.

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@lisa.monks does although not sure how often she is in here.
I’m sure many of us will have a go at helping you.
Also try ChatGPT - the suggestions are great. Throw me a question and I will see what it suggests!

Hi Rebecca, I’ve worked with hotels and happy to have a chat. Thanks for the tag @communifi :grinning:

So I work for a Hospitality Management company, we have 15 about to have 16 hotels. And the ownership is in talks with a company to take over all 16 of their properties. I was wanting to see if someone does too:

  1. if they do email marketing for all properties

  2. how you get them to send you the emails of the guests when GMs don’t understand how to get them from the system (depending on who the brand of the hotel is, they use different systems)

And I can go on about the content they I have to create…but I think I will try ChatGPT. Thanks for that suggestion!