Holiday Chat: Strategies for managing social during the holidays

What’s your go-to strategy for managing social media during the busy holiday season while still enjoying your eggnog?

How are you prepping for holiday vacations?

Share your wisdom and tips :christmas_tree:

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I have scheduled everything for my clients until mid-Jan but I will set a few times a day to check in and engage and check my AP app from wherever I am :slight_smile:


WOW…congrats @KiraShaw through mid-Jan is amazing! How did you get that far ahead?

I started planning in September. I calculated the number of posts I needed to cover in December and January and divided it by how many weeks I had to do them. So, I just added the extra posts to my workload each week. I got this tip from The Two Lauras and use it to prep for any holidays!


I’ve got content planned up to Jan. 1 so far, and then next week I’ll be working ahead into the first week of January :slight_smile: Everything will get scheduled through Agorapulse before I’m “off” for the holidays.
Planning ahead & scheduling is the BEST thing I ever did!!!


feels great right?? Congrats hope it make your holidays awesome!

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I’m in launch mode, which will finish on Friday. Then I’m off for two weeks. Thankfully I don’t need to manage social for any clients, just me.


The key to my holiday strategy is placing my phone on do not disturb at certain times throughout the holiday season. I believe it’s important to tune out when with family and still engage when you aren’t. It’s a huge balance when being a social media manager.

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That’s very nice. How do you focus on you time as well?

I engaged two new clients this year, who insisted I work 4 weeks ahead. While this was new for me, this holiday season I am grateful! Their January content is ready for approval this week - which gives me two weeks off for these accounts. I implemented this same process for my other clients.

Another tip: Tell everyone in early November when your office is closed during the holidays, that you will take no meetings the last two weeks in December, and that anything that comes in late - after the deadline of Dec. 20 - will be looked at on January 2. I am feeling pretty ‘freed’ already and will do three half days this week to wrap up things, but then I’ll be off until 01/02/24. planning, planning planning

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