Holiday Chat: Have any fun holiday travel plans?

Not traveling for the holidays themselves—but since this is the first year both kids know the deal on Santa, we’ve decided he’s bringing ALL of us one big gift: a two-day trip to Hershey! (We’re going Jan 1-2; I’m putting together a Christmas morning scavenger hunt that will lead the kids to a big box that will let them know!) :heart:

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Just heading over to family. Luckily they are not far, so we’re not really traveling.

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I’m in Wyoming since my college-aged son had to have surgery…this will be his first Christmas, not at our family home! It’s been really cold here and there is snow so we are going to have a white Christmas.

I hope he heals quickly! And stay safe out there with the freezing temps!! A snowy Christmas is great though if you have nowhere to go and can relax safely inside!