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Hi everyone! Feel free to delete this post if this is the wrong place to put this, but I’m struggling with a potential new client I’m talking with and thinking someone in this community would be a better fit for him!

He is a medium sized business (very high reputation in his industry) that basically needs a complete overhaul of his content. I put together a content strategy document for him that includes a social media audit, a resourcing plan, strategy for content creation, schedule, etc.
He literally needs it all - a video editor, podcast producer, and social media manager.

Is there anyone out there that does all of these things?

He is looking for leads and wants results FAST, like in the next 60 days, and his social media content has been dormant for the last 6 months, and the content before that was absolutely terrible.

My challenge is I’m not sure that I can get him the results that fast. I’m still relatively new (only in business for a year), and am still building my social proof, and I’ve only worked with small brands so far.

This business owner is looking for a social media manager that does it all so he basically never has to use social media again.

For me, I don’t see him getting his results if he doesn’t do the outbound engagement that’s required. He said the only way he would do that is if there was a GUARANTEE that it would get him good quality leads.

I’m worried about putting in a proposal for the job as I can’t guarantee him the results - a lot would rest on him in order for everything to fall into place.

Are there more advanced social media managers or agencies out there that would be better suited for him?

Appreciate any insights!


Thanks for sharing this @awilson!

This is a perfect place for the experts from our @Community_Crew @smab and our SMP @Super_Space_Friends group to swoop in …


I’m actually hearing lots of red flags here! He wants results in 60 days, one person to be an expert in a ton of different areas, and doesn’t really want to participate…let me guess, he also has a tight budget? I think you and others on here should pass on this one. I foresee lots of stress.


I’ve had some success in marketing B2B businesses who don’t have a whole lot of content on their social media, however, one thing they had in common was a working and updated website AND/OR a company profile.

What worked for us was running a lead gen campaign (forms) directing people to check out the company’s website/profile and then having them give us their leads, coupled with organic outreach through LinkedIn and collecting people’s information manually.

The organic outreach generated significantly higher quality (but fewer) leads, however, it isn’t scalable unless one has a large team dedicated to speaking to, and following up with, like, 20 individuals per day to generate 10-15 leads for the month.

Obviously, 60 days is not realistic and smells of desperation, which is not a good sign in any new client and definitely not a good sign for a long relationship.

And it goes without saying that no marketer should guarantee quality leads right off the bat, without having run iterative testing first, which takes time and money.


Yeah, run. Run like hell. Fast, that’s understandable. But there are zero guarantees in marketing, and he should know that if he’s been in business for more than a day.

And to others’ points, unless he’s plunking down seven figures, he’s not going to get everything on his list.


@kartikeya that’s really helpful, thank you! I’d be interested to learn more about this strategy. It sounds like something that could be a good fit for him. The reason why he wants things to ramp up in 60 days is because he’s onboarding a new coach, so he wants to generate more leads in order to fill that coach’s pipeline.
When you ran a lead gen campaign, did you do that through paid social ads? This company has a very strong website presence and gets the majority of their leads through SEO. Their LinkedIn profile definitely needs some work, but that would be fairly simple to do.
I assume you would still recommend a company like this hire a social media manager to still put out organic content so they don’t have dormant platforms?

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Haha thank you @coreycwalker! Yes, definitely some red flags here. And he doesn’t necessarily have a tight budget. He said he’s willing to “solve the problem with money”, but wants to know that it will get him results. Apparently he dropped $100,000 over the course of one year into “online marketing” which all went to his website company, and staff time to create and manage their social media accounts but it was done very poorly because they weren’t social media managers. So he’s a bit sour about it. He just didn’t put his money towards the right thing.
I feel for him and want to see him succeed, which is why I’m trying to help him find the right people. I’m thinking he’s better off seeking a bigger social media marketing agency that can offer a full suite of services.
Thanks so much for your insight!


Hahah love this @cspenn!! That was definitely my gut feeling about him, I just don’t want to leave him hanging.

I feel for him and what he’s going through, so I’m trying to point him in the right direction. I’m thinking a bigger social media agency would be a better fit rather than a bunch of sub-contracted editors, social media managers, etc.

Thanks so much for your insight!


There are not enough hours in a day for one person to do all the things. If there is such a person the result would be burnout.
Fast results are do-able by the right person, but this business owner needs a team of the right people to get the results in 60 days


I was thinking the same things as I was reading that. I’ve had clients like that in the past and had to fire them. Sucked the life out of me for weeks. Glad you’re passing on it, @awilson. Your mental health will thank you. :smiley:


Yes, it sounds like he needs an agency with a large team. 60 days is still tough with ramp up time though!


Good for you for passing on this. I agree with you that it’s not likely he can get AMAZING QUALITY LEADS in 60 days - especially if starting from scratch (more or less). Well - I guess we could put it in perspective that it might be possible but he’d have to be super super active over 60 days, posting daily, doing multiple videos, lives etc. Plus advertising with a huge budget…and the list goes on and on. Plus - how can anyone Guarantee quality leads…these are the clients that will be very stressful to work with and often, unfortunately, aren’t worth the aggravation.


Hey @awilson – Maybe we need to tag some agencies in this Group - @deb because they are able to manage a client like this I think. This is really not built for a single sm manager - even with tons of experience.


That’s what I was thinking too @phylliskhare, I wasn’t sure if there were agencies in this community or not :slight_smile:


As others have mentioned. Run far. Run FAST! 60 days of guaranteed leads/sales is rubbish. Even if you were doing paid content, we usually don’t even think about running ads until after 90 days of consistent, organic content. There’s not enough data to run successful campaigns right from the get go. Especially this brand has not been active on social media for a while, and it sounds like they haven’t.

This reeks of desperation and total head aches through the entire process. I honestly would pass on this one.


Per @phylliskhare’s point, maybe some of our @Agency friends are around this afternoon to chime in on @awilson’s client situation.

So the sponsored ads lead gen campaign worked well for B2C, with some success for B2B as well (the campaign was for a school looking to onboard individual students, as well as entire corporates); however, with B2B the organic outreach definitely yielded higher quality leads and quicker conversions.

From what you’re saying, I think it’s fair to assume that your client is B2C - so I’d go with a lead gen campaign with links to the client’s website or page with their brochure to generate those leads. With a lead gen campaign however, it’s really important that the client has enough manpower to actually follow up with all the leads and get them to convert


I’m probably late to the game, but others have said, SO MANY RED FLAGS.

Also, I’ll note (because this is a pickle I got myself into early on):

It is not your job to find him someone else to do this. It is NEVER your job to find someone to do the work for a prospective client when you can’t. Unless you excel at matching companies with the right individuals, there is almost always a downside.

I know the feeling of not wanting to leave someone hanging, and while I never mind sending the overflow to friends or collegues who are top of mind, or help a former client bring someone in house - this guy is not your client and not your friend. He’s a business owner independent of you who got himself into trouble with wild expectations, and now wants to put the onus of responsibility on someone else.

When you feel obligated to help him find someone who can do the work, you are showing loyalty and/or a willingness to help that he will use and abuse.

Usually, when I’ve helped “match” red flag clients in the past, one or both of these two things have happened:

  • The client complains to me later that the person I recommended was no good, and they demanded I take them on
  • The person I recommend had a TERRIBLE time and didn’t want to work with anyone I suggested ever again

Instead, I’d nicely say “I feel like you need an organization that can give you more expertise & resources than I currently have. Might I suggest that you look at some social agencies?” And then leave it at that, because sourcing other freelancers or agencies is not your job.


Soooo true!!!


I may actually have an entire blog post about this at some point, because it took me FOREVER to learn this and always at my regret. :wink: