Help Us Decide -- How do you prefer to see our social media tutorials? 🚀

If you could take all the social media tutorial content in the Pulse Academy (and formally in the Social Media Manager School) and throw it into the air, how would you prefer to see it land?

  • A - in the Social Media Platform sections (all the Facebook together, all the Twitter together, LinkedIn, etc…)
  • B - All the 101 tutorials together - all the Analytics tutorials together - all the Best Content tutorials together - etc.
  • C - in order of update (so all mixed up, but listed by date of update)
  • D - some other type of organization - please explain in the comments!

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And for those of you not familiar with the Academy content – please take a look by clicking on Courses - then you can View the Course for each course to see how things are organized right now.

Thanks for your feedback @SMP_members