HELP Instagram profile disabled - questions


I’m working with a catering company that is having trouble with their IG account. This morning the client opened up IG and was logged out.

She entered her U & PW and got an error message saying:
“The rules governing Instagram state that you must be at least 13 years old to have an account. Based on the information you provided, this account doesn’t meet this requirement and we can’t make this account available for recovery. You can learn more in the help center.”

Does this mean her account is just completely gone or is there in fact something that can be done about it?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate any advice.

Kylie Hilliard

Oh no!!! Had they put their business’s age as their birthday? Were they a personal account instead of a business or creator account?

Oh no! That doesn’t look good! @jenn or @dorien might have a suggestion

It was a business profile for sure and she doesn’t remember about the date so, very good possibility that they used the business age.

Thanks Deb. I think she may have to start over unfortunately.

Instagram is pushing hard for age verification these days. My guess is that someone opened the account and was prompted to verify their birthdate but they used the business “age” which was less that 18 years old and the account got flagged. You always want to make sure you put YOUR age, not the business age/years.

You should be able to appeal and explain the issue and provide age verification. If you can access the account, go through the help or learn more. If not, you can try going through this form to reinstate it: Instagram Help Center

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Thanks so much Jenn. We’re trying this now.