Have you seen Adobe's AI?

Finally I can join the AI conversation LOL!

Have you seen the AI Generative Fill that adobe has come out with? It’s definitely a game changer for both photographers and designers alike. While I still prefer my natural photography, I think that being able to add little elements here and there to enhance things will come in handy for all.

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@amanda has been doing some cool stuff with it!

YESSSSS!!! I love it! I have been playing with it for a few days and I’m hooked! There are still a lot of flaws with it and the generative fill gives you a very low resolution, but combined with knowledge of photoshop it is extremely powerful.

I did a quick livestream to show some examples: Testing Photoshop's New AI Generative Fill | Come check out Adobe Photoshop's New AI Generative Fill feature! Let’s have some fun. :) | By The Digital Gal | Facebook

I think you’re right @eternalkaz … it’s good for little elements and enhancements, but it still requires a skilled designer or photographer to make it effective. :slight_smile:


For sure. You can’t go too crazy and the AI isn’t 100% when it comes to blending things. Sometimes we’ll have to clone tool it over or try something else to work. Seems to struggle with sharpening some things that are bunched together such as grass. And if you’re removing branches, it’ll do it but the images it removed will be soft in those areas. Which of course a skilled designer/photographer can fix.

Still in its early days though, I think it’ll definitely get better with time and will help streamline processes and cut time that can be used elsewhere.


I would love to check in with you again in a few months and see how it has changed your workflow. This is the type of tool creators have dreamed of! It will be exciting to see where it goes in practice.