Hashtags on LinkedIn

I was reading this article on social media today: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/do-you-need-use-hashtags-linkedin/704535/

I tend to use maximum 3 hashtags on LinkedIn and I do use them to search for posts on certain topics.

But wondering what you all think? Do you still use them?

I tend to use 5, usually related to the post genre. So something like #gaming #gamingnews #videogameindustry etc.

@LinkedIn_Experts any thoughts on hashtags in 2024?

Not much as changed in regards to hashtags on LinkedIn. I tend to use 3-5 that are relevant to the topic with one of those being my personal hashtag #TrainWithFain.

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Hey Hey!
According to a source at LinkedIn, hashtags are still relevant and we should still be using between 3 and 5 per post. Unless, of course, you have a personal hashtag which you want to push then a strategy is to just use the one for more impact.
Sarah :orange_heart:

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I still use them, but I know that if you use keywords in your copy, that works for discovery as well.
Like the other experts here, I use 3-5, not more! Often it’s just 1-2 at a time.

One way to check validity is to search for a # as well as a topic (#contentmarketing and ‘content marketing’) - to what you get! :smirk:

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Hashtags are still good for discoverability and searchability. I recommend using three per post, but make sure they are relevant to the post (rather than trending topics or anything like that) because they have much more long-term value on LinkedIn.

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Great advice, thank you Gus!

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Thank you, Dorien! Yes, I like a good hashtag search on LinkedIn to find content.

Hey Sarah,

This is interesting! I hadn’t thought about the impact of using a single branded hashtag.

Thank you, Mary! I will check out your hashtag :slight_smile:

I was also reading about them having less impact on reach now. I’m very lazy and don’t tend to use them and don’t see any real impact when I do. I guess it depends on the tag. Me adding #GoogleAnalytics to a post is only going to help it get found by other Google Analytics people so I never really see the point. But I’m sure the LinkedIn experts may correct me.

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According to a contact at LinkedIn, hashtags still will help your content get found. As you say, Amanda, it depends which you use and your reason for using them. x

Funnily enough, @KiraShaw I wrote about hashtags yesterday! Here you go:

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Perfect, thank you!