Happy 3 months! (and a thank you 💙)

Many thanks for taking the journey with us!!! We’re thrilled to have 1086 community members :tada: as of today. We hope you’ve found Social Media Pulse to be a great resource and have been enjoying the conversations with other social media professionals.

We’ve got big plans and can’t wait for you to get a peek at our revamped home page. We’ve been working hard on out-of-this-world future plans, courses, and programs. In fact, we hope you’ll attend our virtual events coming up during this month’s Social Media Week! (watch for a post soon)

If there is anything we can do to help your journey, please let us know!

Also, have to sneak in a quick THANK YOU to all of you who have shared the SMP community social posts, told your fellow social media managers about us, listed a job, created content for us, answered a question, shared your professional insights, participated in community interviews, gave us advice, and heck, even asked a question! It takes an entire village (well, in our case…probably an entire space colony) to rule the social media world!

If you haven’t done any of these things…what are you waiting for? Creating an account is easy…going to get even easier by hopefully sometime next week! Want to get more involved and haven’t been asked yet? Let us know…we’d love to figure out a way! :rocket:

Many thanks from the entire SMP team!


Time sure flies – super excited to show everyone what we’ve got cooking for the next three (and beyond)! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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