🚨 Grok ChatGPT competitor introduced - will you try it?

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Elon Musk and xAI have launched their ChatGPT competitor: Grok.

Key features of Grok:

• Real-time access to world knowledge alongside a live search engine connected to X (previously Twitter)
• A “spicy” and humorous persona
• 25,000-character context window
• Answer questions that are rejected by most other AI systems

Once Grok is out of beta, it will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers.

Will you try it? Or will you stick with using ChatGPT?

h/t Alex Banks
h/t Social Media Today

In my opinion this is not okay. I am truly against AI and developing fake conversations so I am out on this one.

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I think I’ll give this one a miss. There are so many AI tools that already serve my needs. Also I’m not excited about having to buy X Premium

I agree! Not planning on trying it…we had the X premium but couldn’t see a difference so we dropped it for the SMP account.

Recently learned you need to have premium+ or something like that to be able to use Grok or even be on the waitlist? So definitely not happening lol!