Google Universal Analytics going away

I saw Google Analytics announce they were "sunsetting" Universal Analytics:

I asked @cspenn what the heck that meant and of course he’s already got something on it:

Had you been using Universal Analytics? What does this mean for you?

(We’ve also got an explainer of Google Analytics 4; click here!)


Personally I think it will make things easier going forward…having 2 different things recently has been super confusing on where to set up what.


With an ecommerce background, I’ve been hesitant to release using both. I actually still activate both versions on every site I manage. I want to be sure I see the clear path of where original UA info is now presenting in the GA4. FYI - my go to resources for all thing Google Analytics is Christopher Penn & Andy Crestodina.


@maria I think many of us are nervous about not having the data we know we want! I agree with you that Chris Penn really knows his stuff!


That’s why I still run both on all the ecommerce sites I manage. You could say I like to watch attribution everywhere. I use UA, GA4, and TripleWhale. Even internally, we train businesses with UA to hold onto even until it really goes away. Whether that will actually happen on the date they’ve stated, we will see. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to have both. And, I can show people how to have both even if they’re just starting their GA account. Of course, Chris is THE EXPERT on all of this so he can show them how to track it all. Yes, I pay attention to him & learn from him, always! :wink:


Good to know you’re still running both, @maria!

“I can show people how to have both even if they’re just starting their GA account”—OK, emailing you about this now :heart: