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Hi All

Just wondered if anyone had ever come across this before?

My client posted a review on Xmas eve. She can see it from her end but it’s not showing up at the client’s end. I guess it’s not public for some reason. See attached. Many thanks Rx


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Hey @rachel1 - have you started here? https://support.google.com/business/gethelp


@Google_Business_Experts perhaps you might be able to help? As always…many thanks for your assistance!


Thanks @phylliskhare I’ll take a look. Rx

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Cheers @deb. Rx

Well sorry for the delayed response - I’ve been out of town while Google’s been having lots of events in & of itself :roll_eyes:.

If you don’t have a solution yet @rachel1 - please say so & I’m happy to jump in and help. Phyllis is correct that the link she shared w/you is the fastest way to get direct help since no one but the GBP (Google Business Profile specialist team) has actual access to the backend of any Business Profile account.


Thanks @maria and @phylliskhare - weirdly enough, it’s now happened to me, a client has given me a review but it’s not showing on my account - very strange. Rx