Google Business Profile Manager Question

I’ve been asked to set up a Business Profile Manager but when I log in and click the 9 dots to the top right the little blue shop icon isn’t there. Is this normal and if so how do I get it to appear?? Rx

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Let’s see what our @Google_Business_Experts have to say! It would also be great if you can share some screenshots of what you’re seeing so we can have a better idea of what you’re writing about. I can’t imagine it out of the top of my head right now.

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No probs, here’s the screen shot, apologies for the poor quality had to take it on my phone

. This is what I see but this little blue shop/house isn’t there on my client’s account. Rx

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I see! I amended my original post, I thought your post was about FB manager for some reason.

I will attempt to help after doing a little research. You said you were setting up a Business Profile Manager, so the client already has a Business Profile made or is it a personal account? If it’s a personal account I would believe that you’d have to create a new account that is a Business Account to get the Business Profile Manager to appear.

Or could it be a permissions issue if you were added as a manager of the account or not?

@maria, I am hoping you can jump in with a suggestion about missing Google house icon when trying to setup Google Business Profile Manager

Hi @eternalkaz
I’m not a manager, my client was sat with me and we went into her account to set it up and the ‘house’ icon wasn’t there. I just assumed it would be. I didn’t realise she had to set up a business account as well, I just assumed she’d be able to do it from her existing account? I don’t remember doing that myself but it was a long time ago. :joy: Rx

Thanks @deb, let’s see what comes back. Rx

I’m fairly certain this is the case. Looking at their list of products: Browse all of Google's products and services - Google

Business Profile only shows up for “Business” - as well as when looking over my personal accounts I don’t have the Business Profile either. It may be the case that yours was transferred over automatically.

Based on this reply from a platinum product expert it states that “Google no longer offer the option to upgrade a consumer Gmail account to G Suite” - so you will more than likely need to make a separate business account.

Ahh right, I’ll take a look. Many thanks @eternalkaz Rx

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No, it shows up for any Google account - personal GMail or personal Google Account. The only reason you don’t see it is if you don’t use it often or if you’ve never used it in that Google Account. It has nothing to do with being a business of having a paid Google Workspace account (they changed it’s name a couple years ago from GSuite).

Thanks @maria so how does my client get the ball rolling if she can’t see it and wants to get her GBM profile set up? Rx

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I looked into what Maria said and it looks like if you click on “Business Profile” on while logged into your personal profile and then click “manage” it seems like it starts the process.

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She would just need to go to Google Business Profile - Get Listed on Google and be logged into her free personal Gmail account or personal Google account and start the process of entering her business name. It’s pretty intuitive and will walk you through.